Jonathan M. Edwards

Freelance 3D Animator & 3D Graphic Designer

Location:Lakeland, Florida, United States
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As a graduate from Animation Mentor I have been looking to focus my career more towards the Character Animation and to relocate to the greater Seattle area. For the past several I years I have been working locally creating 3D models, textures, animations and illustrations for a variety of projects ranging from computer based training to visual effects production. Through all of these projects I have been able to gain valuable experience dealing with deadlines and working as part of a production team.
Outside of professional 3D work I have always had a very artistic side which has led me to hobbies such as Painting, Sculpting, and just about anything creative I could get into. Over the years these hobbies have lead to some very interesting opportunities including a couple of art schools and a stop motion animation internship

Jonathan Edwards

Address: 813 Eagle Claw Ct. Lake Mary FL 32746 Phone: 407-451-1365
E-mail: Demo Reel:


March 2005 – Oct 2011
Graphic Artist
? Created various Illustrations and Animations for Computer Based Training Material.
? Software Used: Max, Photoshop, Flash and After Effects

October 2000 – March 2005
Free Lance Contractor
? Created a number of 3D illustrations and animations for various contracts such as:
? World Gate Entertainment
? Animated multiple effects for the film “The Marionette”.
? Participated in several production meetings.
? Software Used: Maya, Shake
? WNR Production, INC
? Supervised setup and production of all live scenes for future composing work on
the film “The Marionette".
? Pyramax Studios
? Produced multiple character design concepts for in house CG film.

October 1997 – March 1999 APA Studios
Production Intern
? Created several props, miniatures and puppets for stop motions animation.
? Assisted with in-house film and animation production.


November 2009 – March 2011 Animation Mentor
Character Animation
? Studies covered an in depth look at character animation.
? Software Used: Maya

March 1999 – Sep 2000 Full Sail Real World Education
Associates of Science: Computer Animation
? Studies covered a general look at 3D including - Modeling, Rigging, Animating, ect.
? Software Used: Maya

August 1995 – August 1997 International Fine Arts College
Computer Graphics
? Studies covered Desktop Publishing, Computer Illustration and 3D animation.
? Software Used: Form-Z, Electric Image, Photoshop, Painter, Illustrators, Quark
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3D Animation
3D Graphic Design