Martin Betjemann

Freelance Presentation Designer & Sculptor

Location:natchez, Mississippi, United States
Phone: 601-334-7540
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My past 13 years as a biomedical field service technician has placed me in situations; experiencing all phases types of equipment maintenance, installations, customer service and field support
My position has allowed me to be of service to many projects as direct or indirect contact with mfgrs., marketers , distribution people, systems ,provides unlimited communication with all people Involved. I was directly involved all levels of electronics, equipment and materials. Ihave had opportunities to use new presentation procedures methods.
I have started. Assisted and directed several projects within several areas of industry,and the private sector.
I have had training as a field technician for a consulting engineering company ,giving me experience in project control and monitoring of large projects .
my previous eperience centered doing freelance when I could,, however this mandated that I took on a full time career.
my art included glassblowing/sculpting/ prototyping/ drawing/.staind glass/ wood /metal plastics, casting, molding, fabrication sometimes leading to mass production .
my experience with working with others and experience in a technical field is an asset in
the freelance art field.
Now that I am quasi- retired, I am available to persue art in a different approach to projects,focusing on what the clientel needs and wants rathar than a "job". Most of my projects are on a fixed cost rather than a hourly approach..
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Presentation Design