David Franks

Freelance 3D Animator & 3D Graphic Designer

Location:Denver, Colorado, United States
2 Skills
David Franks
Superior, CO 80027

Samples Available: http://www.youtube.com/user/DavidVFranks

Aug. 2011 Lead Animator
to present LEGO
Online Game Development – Louisville, CO
Assisting with efforts on LEGO Universe MMO. The game is available to play at www.legouniverse.com. Create compelling character animation and cinematics while directing a team of animators to produce appropriate content for LEGO Universe. Helping lead the path for mobile game development utilizing Agile Development.

Feb. 2007 Art Director
to Aug. 2011 Raydon
Virtual Reality Simulations – Daytona, FL
Lead a team of modelers, artists and animators working with engineers, instructional system designers, and subject matter experts to conceptualize and create real-time virtual environments to support the aesthetic, creative and technical goals of the company. Introducing and Developing Game Technology with the Simulation Industry to redesign and raise the bar of current and future product development for DOD (Department of Defense) military simulations. Oversee the production of domestic and international development teams ensuring that quality, style and functionality are consistently met for each project.
Scrum Master for our Department utilizing Agile Project Development.

April 2004 Sr. Art Director/Producer
to Aug 2011 U.S.Animation Sales Inc.
Animation & Design Development – Raleigh, NC
Arrange Outsourcing with clients and work with teams worldwide to produce models, animation and design projects for the development of animated games, programs and learning applications for the broadcast, entertainment, educational, scientific, virtual simulations and games industry.

Jun. 2004 Senior Animator / Senior Modeler
Oct. 2006 Redstorm Entertainment
Computer Game Development – Raleigh, NC
Responsible for creating motion capture and keyframed game animations using Motionbuilder and Max, maintaining the realistic motion of soldier warfare. Create cinematics for use in game and marketing purposes. Model world objects, textures, and skyboxes for levels. Assist animators and artists to improve their skills.

Jan. 2003 Animation Director
Apr 2004 5000FT
Charged with overseeing creative development of “Daredevil” a licensed Marvel property. Responsible for all aspects of game animations. Oversee the internal and external development and implementation of all animation assets. Train and mentor animators, involved with hiring and firing, developing style guides, animation sheets, scheduling, and quality control. Development tools include Max, Character Studio, After Effects, Photoshop, motion capture, rotoscoping and key framed animation.

June 2001 Art-Director / Lead Animator
Jan. 2003 Midway Games West
Cross Platform Game Development - Milpitas, CA
Responsible for the art creation, artists and art scheduling for internal and external development teams. Create tools and procedures to assist the development pipeline. Manage and schedule work assignments for multiple teams of artists and animators, while balancing the budgets with each production schedule. Define the animation pipeline and character animations for each character. Develop animations for game characters, working with hand animation and motion capture. Produce cinematics and game assets. Ensure final artwork is of the highest quality while maintaining the design goals of the project. Identify tools for current production needs. Development tools include Maya, After Effects, Filmbox, Body Builder, Vicon Motion Capture, Terragen, Premiere, Photoshop, Deep Paint and Excel.

Oct. 1996 Lead Artist / Senior Animator
June 2001 VR-1 Jaleco
Online and Interactive Games Division - Boulder, CO
Create artwork and animation for real time 3d massive multi-player online games, and console games. VR1 was once termed the world’s largest massive multi-player, online game developer. Oversee and assist with the production of artwork and animation development, create real time cinematics. Develop a first release 3rd person Action Adventure game, for the initial release of Microsoft’s X-Box. Development tools include Maya, Softimage, Max, Photoshop, Deep Paint, Premiere, After Effects, Bryce and Terragen.

Sept. 1995 Art Director / Lead Artist
Aug. 1996 Magnet Interactive Studios, Inc.
Computer Game Development - Washington, DC
Establish the look and feel of "Highlander: The Immortals", a real time 3D game. Direct a team of artists to fulfill the visual requirements. Create low poly 3D characters, animation, and game environments. Development tools include Motion Capture, 3Dstudio, Max, Character Studio, Photoshop, and Outlook.

Feb. 1994 Art Director
Aug. 1995 Random Games
Computer Game Development - Cary, NC
Produce and direct the creation of art and animation for CD-ROM simulation and strategy games. Manage a staff of five artists and produce 2d imagery and 3D animation. Development tools include 3Dstudio, Animator Pro, Bones Pro, Photoshop, DeBabelizer, Premiere, Paint Shop Pro and Dpaint.

Mar. 1993 Art Director
Feb. 1994 CyberKids
Computer Animation - Raleigh, NC
Procure clients and produce 3d animations for television, video and virtual simulations. Clients included television stations, Wachovia Bank, Museum of Contemporary Arts in Los Angeles, U.S. Government Agencies and the U.S. Army. Development tools include 3Dstudio, Animator Pro, Photoshop, Premiere, Animation Master, and Bones Pro.

Oct. 1985 President / Art Director
Dec. 1993 DVFranks
Desktop Systems Division - Raleigh, NC
A computer clip Art Company that manufactures computer clip art. Create and market six software titles to distributors, retailers and end users. Development tools include MacPaint and Illustrator.

Dec. 1984 Senior Illustrator
March 1993 Memorex Telex
Marketing and Engineering Department - Raleigh, NC
Design and produce computer-animated presentations. Create illustrations for product manuals, brochures, and slide presentations. Produce camera-ready artwork for print. Development tools include 3Dstudio 2.0, Animator Pro, Corel Draw and Designer.

Aug. 1984 Contract Artist
June 1989 3M National Advertising
Raleigh, NC
Designed and prepared mechanicals, specified type and created illustrations and comps for the production of painted outdoor advertising in N.C., S.C. and Virginia.

Sept. 1983 Architectural Illustrator
July 1984 Artech
Raleigh, NC
Created color and black and white illustrations of city, residential and resort architecture from existing blue prints.


2011 Excellence in Management and Leadership Skills – Rockhurst University

2009-10 Skills for Supervising – Excellence in Leadership Training, Daytona State

2009 Leadership Management Training – Daytona State College

1978 – 1983 East Carolina University, Greenville, N.C.
Communication Arts – Illustration Major/Printmaking Minor
BFA Communication Arts Coursework – Illustration Major, Printmaking Minor.

1992 T.Q.M. Total Quality Management training Raleigh, N.C.

Honors & Awards

2009-2010 Assisted in Achieving ISO 9000 Certification
2006 BAFTA Award – Game of the Year – Tom Clancy’s GRAW
2006 BAFTA Award – Excellence in Technical Achievement – GRAW
2006 Electronic Gaming Monthly gave GRAW a perfect 10!
2006 Guest Speaker for North Carolina State University Design Lab – Masters
2002 Best Children’s Short Subject. Silver Sprocket International Film Festival
2002 Best Animated Short. 5th Annual Magnolia Independant Film Festival
2002 Best Animated Short. Winchester County Film Festival
2000-01 Acting Chairman - Denver/Boulder Siggraph Chapter
1995 Advisory Board Member - School of Communication Arts, Raleigh N.C.
1993 Two paintings accepted into a juried show at the Boston Museum of Contemporary Arts.
1991 DVFranks ArtFile Series was "Highly Recommended" by Ventura Professional Magazine.
1991 DVFranks ArtFile Series received four stars in a MacWorld Art Review.
1988 United Way of Wake County Gold Award - Graphics Division
1987 Society for Technical Communication Gold Award - Illustration
1986 Society for Technical Communication Silver Award - Illustration
1984 Created the new "Pirate" mascot for East Carolina University used to identify the University and athletic program.

Game Development

Unannounced Social Game Facebook
LEGO Universe Online MMO
Train Your Brain Iphone
Ghost Recon “Advanced Warfighter 2” X-Box 360, PS3
Ghost Recon 3 “Advanced Warfighter” X-Box 360 (First Release) PS3
Rainbow 6: Lockdown PS2
Ghost Recon 2 PS2
Ghost Recon 2 “Mission Pack” X-Box
Daredevil, The Man Without Fear PS2, X-Box, GameCube
Gladiator, The Crimson Reign PS2, X-Box, GameCube
NightCaster X-Box (First Release)
Dark Continents Multi-Player Online
Backyard Baseball PlayStation 2
Maximum Risk Multi-Player Online
Axis & Allies Multi-Player Online
Nomads of Klanth AOL/Multi-Player Online
Highlander PC CD/ROM
Wages of War PC CD/ROM
Vikings PC CD/ROM
Island Casino PC CD/ROM
Casino Tournament of Champions PC CD/ROM
Anyone For Cards PC CD/ROM

Virtual Reality Simulation Development

SimCore GT – Ground Force Warfare Training Soldiers & Support Craft
VDGT- Virtual Door Gunner Trainer UH-60 Blackhawk
50 Cal IGT – Individual Gunner Skills HMMWV
MRAP – Mine Protected Clearance Vehicle Buffalo
MRAP – VVT Vehicle Virtual Trainers JEERV & Talon
VRCT – Virtual Route Clearance Trainer RG31, HUSKY
VMMD – Virtual Mounted Mine Detection JEERV & Talon

Hardware / Software Profile

PC, Mac, Sun, Solaris Flash
Maya / Max Character Studio
Unity Corel Draw
Softimage Illustrator
Toon Boom Filmbox
Motion Builder Terragen
After Effects Bryce
Deep Paint Body Builder
Premiere Animation Master
Photoshop Debabelizer
Multigen Creator Morpheme
Power Point ZBrush
Excel Word
Jira Test Track Pro
Skills (2) Rating
3D Animation
3D Graphic Design