Char DeCorso

Freelance Public Relation Freelancer & Personal Assistant

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
2 Skills
Charlotte A. DeCorso

Corporate Event Planner / Project Management / Production Coordinator / Celebrity Coordinator / Events Specialist

Client List
NIKE / Disney / Universal Studios Florida / MGM Studios / Callaway Golf / Ashworth Golf / First USA Bank / Bank One / Arena Capital Partners / Stonington Partners / Tolleson Group / Barclays Bank / Juniper Bank/ PGA Show/ Aramsco

Values Offered

• Creation & Development of strong teams
• Executive Event Budgeting
• Extensive background in Sales
• Manage International and Domestic markets both corporate and private
• Experienced contract negotiation skills
• Dynamic ability to build customer relationships and new business partners
• Well established in industry with outstanding contacts
• Strong Project Management
• Very strong work ethic

Professional Summary:

Dedicated, decisive, and driven Entertainment Executive with over 14 years experience who understands the value of excellent service, developing strong partnerships and achieving results. A motivational leader, a creative thinker and a problem solver who works effectively in a diverse environment. Knows the importance of building strong relationships with individuals at all levels in an organization. Possess proactive management skills, team builder and tactical planner with exceptional work ethic. Recognized for decisive leadership and proven ability to face challenges head-on with executive decisions. Qualified and experienced in producing National and Global Events. Successfully handles multiple priorities in a fast- paced environment with proven strengths in:

• Developed, planned, marketed and executed events, meetings, tradeshows, television production, and incentive programs.

• Extensive budgeting ranging from $10,000 to Multimillion dollar Events.

• Coordinated multiple domestic and international events ranging from 10 to 10,000 attendees.

• Responsible for all aspects of event management, including budgets, proposal planning, site selection, contract negotiation, transportation, hotel attrition.

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Sparks Productions Inc. 1999-2008

Company: First USA Bank / Bank One, (Corporate) Wilmington, DE
Site Location: Orlando, Fl. / Disney / Universal Studios / MGM Studios / Kennedy Space Center / Las Vegas / Ohio / Chicago / New York City/ Atlanta / New Orleans / Caribbean / Miami Beach, Fl. / Fisher Island, Fl.

Company: Juniper Bank, (Corporate) Wilmington, DE
Site Locations: New York City/ Caribbean / Chicago / Illinois / Atlanta / New Mexico / Las Vegas / Philadelphia / British Virgin Islands / Toronto, Canada

Company: Arena Capital Partners, (Corporate) New York, NY
Site Location: New York City, NY /

Company: Stonington Partners, (Corporate) New York, NY
Site Locations: New York City / Bermuda

Company: Tolleson Group, (Corporate) Dallas, TX
Site locations: Miami Beach, Fl. / New York City, NY/ Dallas, TX

Company: Aramsco (Corporate) Philadelphia
Site Locations: New York City / West Palm Beach, FL

Freelance & Annual Live Show Producer

NIKE , (Corporate), Apparel Fashion Show. 1999-2005. (Domestic and European).

Callaway Golf Apparel Show 2003-2005

Ashworth Golf Apparel Show 2003-2005

PGA Corporate Merchandise Show. 1999-2005

Universal Studios Florida
Halloween Horror Nights / Live Stunt Shows / Televised Game Show / various commercials / Dinner Theater /

MGM Studios Florida ‘Reel to Reel’ Celebrity Game Show (televised)

Sparks Productions, Inc
Charity Event for American Cancer Association / Back Street Boys / NSYNC, (Private Concert).

National Sports Events

NCAA Final Four, March Madness 2005
Regional’s: Syracuse, New York / Austin, Texas / Chicago, Illinois / Albuquerque, New Mexico
Final Four Championship: St. Louis Missouri

Barclay’s Classic, PGA Golf Tournament 2005 / National Televised , Padraiq Harrington, Winner
Location: Westchester, Connecticut

Organizations and Hobbies: Member: American Cancer Society / Red Cross / United Way / Collation for the Homeless.