William Dickerson

Freelance Graphic Designer & Website Designer

Location:Santa Rosa, California, United States
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I am a experienced, creative graphic designer, and I’d like to be considered for a position with you.

I have many years of experience designing for print and screen. In addition to my expert-level skills in Adobe CS4, I am quite comfortable working with DVD Studio Pro and Final Cut Pro.

However what really set me apart is my dedication to both creativity
and communication.

As a designer, I am dedicated, I like seeing a project through, and I enjoy solving problems. I’ve manage projects from client interaction, strategic development, design, printing, distribution and installation. As a freelancer I’ve learn great organizational habits and I can easily juggle multiple projects.

As a team-member, I believe that genuine respect for the knowledge and opinions of other (especially for the client) as well as clear and direct communication, are the foundation of great teamwork. I think things thru and offer my opinions. This shows in my positive response to feedback and direction, in my supportive attitude toward others, and in my willingness to speak up.
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Graphic Design
Website Design