Charles Beelaerts

Freelance Article Writer & Consultant

Location:Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Interests: Cricket, Football, Films, Music, Collectables
Walking, Writing, Wines, Politics, Mental Health,
Horse Racing.


1961 - 1968 Attended high school at Sydney Grammar
School. Awarded Commonwealth University

1969 - 1972 Graduated from the University of Sydney
as B Ec with First Class Honours and the University
Medal in Accounting

In 1974 awarded the J B Watt Travelling
Fellowship and a Fulbright Scholarship for
study in the United States

1974 - 1976 MBA Harvard Business School
Followed a general management curriculum


1969 - 1972 Employed as an auditor during summer vacations
with the firm now known as Ernst & Young.

1973 - 1974 Financial Analyst, International Pacific
Corporation Limited


Member of the Corporate Finance Department
in the firm now known as Rothschild Australia Limited. Responsible for financial analysis, feasibility studies,
development of investment proposals and
evaluating companies for takeover

1975 Investment Adviser, IBM Australia Limited

Engaged as an investment adviser to the Staff
Pension Fund of IBM Australia Limited.
Responsible for evaluating real estate as an
avenue for investment. Submitted reports on
specific investment proposals

1977 Consultant, Rothschild Australia Limited

Responsible for determining an appropriate
rate to charge users of a major container

1977 - 1983 Lecturer in Accounting, University of NSW

Appointed for 3 years in 1977. Appointed
for a further 3 years in 1980. Responsible
for lecturing and administering
undergraduate and graduate students in the
Faculty of Commerce with an emphasis on
cost and management accounting

1983 Consultant, Hungerford Hancock and Offner

Consultant in the Corporate Services
Department of the firm now a part of KPMG.

As the member of a team completed an in-
depth investigation and evaluation of a
company for acquisition and a feasibility
study for an overseas glass manufacturer
considering production in Australia.


1984 Consultant, Voicecall Ltd
Consultant assisting the company prior to its
listing. Analysed all aspects of the company's financial
1984 - 1987 Commonwealth Bank of Australia Senior Analyst, Corporate Advisory Services,
Australian European Finance Corporation.
Analysed acquisitions and management
buyouts. Completed preliminary feasibility
study regarding investment banking
products. Later worked with outside
consultants on in-depth study.

Manager, Corporate Development.
Evaluated large corporations with a view
to making loan facilities available to them.

Manager, Investment and Financial Services.
Investigated the bank's entry into life
insurance. Seconded to the legal department
to conduct commercial research pursuant to
litigation between the State and Commonwealth

Senior Manager, Capital Market Services.
Prime responsibility was to evaluate the
bank's possible acquisition of a stockbroker

June 1987 Formed Charles Beelaerts & Associates

1987 – 1992 Journalist, Consultant and Lecturer

From 1989 to 1991 lectured accounting part-time
at the Universities of Sydney, NSW and
Technology to both undergraduate and post-
graduate students.

Undertook numerous consulting assignments. These
included studies in the area of Financial Institutions Duty,
feasibility studies, evaluations of listed companies for stock- brokers and an investment assignment for a venture capital company.


Wrote business and practice management articles for Australian Practice Management, Patient Management, General Practitioner, the Medical Observer, Prevention and Successful Personal Investing.

1992 – 1993 NSW Crime Commission.

Analyst investigating drug trafficking.

1993 – 2007 Principal, Bureau Beelaerts

Concurrently, part-time Author, part-time Editor, part-time Consultant and part-time Accountant.

Have written more than 600 hundred feature length articles and other publications on accounting, finance, investment, tax, business, marketing, obstetrics, insurance and practice management, for the Medical Observer, Medical Observer Business, General Practitioner, Practice Management, Prevention, The New Accountant, Successful Personal Investing, Your Own Business, Real Estate Review, Business Sydney, Your Mortgage Magazine, Dynamic Small Business, The IRIS Report, TD Waterhouse News, Donnelly’s Investing Times, Your Trading Edge, Business Wise, Balance, My Wealth, Wealth, Money Management, Insight, Wealth Creator, Company Director, Charter, INTHEBLACK, Your Investment Property, Global Coffee Review, Risk Management, Insto Magazine, and Mortgage Professional Australia Magazine.

Financial Editor, Centre for Investor Education, Melbourne, Australia. Responsible for editing papers for conferences both in Australia and overseas for superannuation fund trustees. Also provided ancillary consulting, editing and writing services.

Consultant to the NSW Government. Responsible for determining the financial costs of the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre (MSIC) in Kings Cross in Sydney.

In addition to the above responsibilities Bureau Beelaerts provided accounting, administration and ancillary services to clients in the legal and fashion industries. Used Excel, MYOB and QuickBooks.


2007 – 2008 Camilla and Marc Operations Pty Ltd

Accounts and Administration Manager. Responsible to Directors for the accounting and administrative functions of this wholesale fashion designer. Included the timely provision of
financial information pursuant to the efficient conduct of the company. Conducted regular and frequent reconciliations of financial accounts and a number of bank accounts. Organised
fortnightly payroll for processing by external bureau and maintained records. Originally recorded accounting information
using QuickBooks and later Harmony. Involved in special projects as needed including applications for government grants. Prepared accounts for profit and loss, balance sheet, and GST liability.

2009 - Present Principal, Bureau Beelaerts

Provide finance and investment researching, writing, editorial, consulting, assignment marking and tutoring services. Proficient in Microsoft Word, QuickBooks, Harmony, and Excel.

Part-time Economic Reporter, Selerity, Inc, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. Participant in Australian Bureau of Statistics embargoes. Responsible for providing economic data as intsantaneously as possible by telephone to the US.


Charles Beelaerts & Kevin Forde, Understanding Unit Trusts 2nd edition (Wrightbooks, 1994, 1999)

Charles Beelaerts & Kevin Forde, International Investing
(Wrightbooks, 2000) Charles Beelaerts & Kevin Forde, You Only Make a Profit When
You Sell (Wrightbooks, 2001)

Charles Beelaerts & Kevin Forde, Successful Share Buying
(Wrightbooks/John Wiley & Sons Australia, 2002)

Charles Beelaerts, Hedge Funds: Cutting Through the Hype (Wrightbooks/John Wiley & Sons Australia, 2002)

BOOKS (cont)

Charles Beelaerts & Kevin Forde, Understanding Investments 5th edition (Wrightbooks/John Wiley & Sons Australia, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2010)

Charles Beelaerts, Investing in Collectables:An Investor’s Guide to Turning Your Passion into a Portfolio (Wrightbooks/John Wiley & Sons Australia, 2011)
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