Peter Gerba

Freelance Article Writer & Newsletter Writer

Location:San Diego, California, United States
2 Skills
Leadership, Goal-Orientation, Strong Communicator, Planner, Negotiator

Very strong leadership and management skills with the ability to develop well thought out plans. Highly efficient and effective professional with the integrity and the foresight to provide and communicate the company’s vision and objectives to others. An action-oriented manager who is able to provide structure, policies and procedures while designing strategies which work toward the achievement of company objectives. A very strong negotiator.

- Skilled in developing new business opportunities with a focus on prospecting / outbound calling campaigns
- Experienced in utilizing the computer during and after customer interface
- Highly knowledgeable about handling incoming calls generated from marketing campaigns
- Expert in communications, both written and oral
- Able to meet or exceed monthly productively goals and objectives
- Outgoing personality and the ability to relate well with others
- Capable of creating sales proposals and presentations
- Proficient with training, educating, teaching, mentoring, inspiring, guiding, negotiating, closing sales

Master of Arts, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
- Educational Leadership
- Thesis “Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support System”
- Earned a Principal’s Certificate

Bachelor of Science, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ
- Journalism major
- History minor
- Pulliam Scholarship for Outstanding Work at a College Newspaper.

Blu Fi Lending, Carlsbad, CA 2010-2011
Start-up company specializing in online services as a direct lender and mortgage banker utilizing non-commissioned bankers, low rates and fees, designed to assist the customer to source product and services on the Internet.
Loan Officer trainee / Customer Service Specialist
Reported to the Sales Manager. Responsible for following up on leads via telemarketing; handed incoming calls, facilitated business development, sales and customer service issues. Maintained records of calls and associated prospects via Excel spreadsheet. Participated in sales meetings.
- Pre-screened calls, verified credit quality; Result: Handed quality pre-screened calls to Mortgage Bankers to meet sales and business development objectives.
- Trained newly hired customer service representatives; shadowed; taught scenarios; Result: Trained four (4) Customer Service Specialists who were quickly able to assume assigned duties.
- Hired for a Loan Officer trainee position; Result: Passed the California Mortgage License examination.
- Attended sales meetings, reviewed goals, policies and numbers from the previous week; Result: Became more effective in the sales process; quickly learned product knowledge.
- Trained on newly installed Lead Software, a more comprehensive package; Result: Mentored other Sales Department personnel having difficulty learning the new system.
- Averaged 220 to 320 phone calls per day; Result: Generated screened leads for the Mortgage Bankers.

U. S. Census Bureau, Sutland, MD headquarters; San Diego region 2010
Responsible for the collection of demographic data for the 10 year nationwide census.
Reported to the Temecula-area Crew Leader. Responsible for planning work by reviewing the assignment area to determine organization of neighborhoods and locate households for conducting interviews. Conducted interviews in assigned areas following stringent guidelines and confidentiality laws; explained to residents the purpose of the interview; answered questions; followed a script. Completed census forms. Complied with accuracy standards while maintaining high production rates.
- Assessed quality control levels on selected addresses; Result: Determined which samples passed or failed; maintained records for quality control verification.
- Received additional assignment areas by the Crew Leader; Result: Discovered that previously assigned Enumerator was prevaricating and was not actually conducting the required research.
- Accompanied a novice employee to remote areas; Result: Obtained the required information.

Dr. Charles P. Gerba; University of Arizona 2004-2011
Freelance editor/researcher
Responsible for editing scientific articles to conform to required style, photograph assignments for college level text book, researching for articles and books, data collecting and organizing for various publications.
- Given various assignments to compete with deadlines; Result: meet all assignment to satisfaction or above satisfactory meeting all deadlines.

Marana United School District, Marana, AZ 2002-2009
School district comprising 17 schools in Pima County, AZ. 13,000 students, 1,700 employees, covering 550 square miles of land.
High School Teacher, Mountain View High School, 2006-2009
Reported to the Principal. Taught Freshmen, Junior and Senior English, Creative Writing, and Journalism. Responsible for managing classes ranging from 20 to 45 students. Prepared and implemented lesson plans to follow state and district curriculum. Maintained accurate academic and behavioral records of all students.
High School Teacher, Marana Career and Technical High School, 2002-2006
Reported to the Principal. Taught the “At-Risk” high school students suffering behavioral and credit problems. Taught Freshman, Junior and Senior English, Journalism, newspaper, AIMS writing, reading and math preparation.
- Worked with English teachers to create horizontal and vertical alignment of curriculum; Result: Clear curriculum flowed from year to year with a purpose and direction.
Communicated with students’ legal guardians, teachers, and other school personnel regarding student performance; Result: Maintained positive communications during difficult events and discussions.
- Revised all 8 semesters of high school English; Result: Aligned the district and state curriculum.
- Negotiated district policy and monetary items for 2 years as part of the Table Team for Final Negotiations; Result: Presented package to association Executive Board.
- Helped align district payroll procedures to meet state laws and best practices; Result: Improved efficiency and facilitated passing the next state audit.
- Created a “Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support” system for the school; Result: Wrote a Master’s dissertation based on the outcome; Internship for Principal Certification.

Fountain Fort Carson School District, Fountain, CO 2000-2001
Language Arts Teacher
- Noted a lack of internal communications among the student body; Result: Taught journalism, writing and publishing skills; created newspaper club, advised photography club.

Buckeye Union High School, Buckeye, AZ 1999-2000
English Teacher
- Took control of a minimal newspaper; performed a turnaround; created a bi-lingual newspaper; Result: Received praise and accolades from teachers, management and students.

Awarded “Eagle Scout”
Marana Education Association Building Representative, 6 years, Negotiations Representative, 5 years
Negotiations “Table Team,” 2 years; Association Negotiations Chair, one year; MEA Secretary, 1 year;
MEA Newsletter Editor, 1 year; Lobbied for Education, 2 years
District Representative, Arizona Education Association, 4 year; District Representative, NEA, 2 years