Sinead Snook

Freelance Admin Support Freelancer & Data Entry Freelancer

Location:Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Phone: 07531948529
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I am a well rounded, hardworking and competent person. I strive to become the best in everything I do and consider myself a bit of a perfectionist. I have many skills from supervising staff and planning out and prioritising workloads to working with animals.

I am currently working in administration in a school. This job requires me to work under stressfull conditions where there may a short time limit for a vast amount of work. I have skills in working with the microsoft office package and data input into a system called SIMS which hold all up to date files of students and teachers. Obviously working with such software requires me to have a sense of confidentiality. Every piece of work I take on I always ensure it is precise, correct and completed to the best of my abilitites.

I have many other skills such as; caring for animals (rearing chicks, mucking out, feeding up, grooming and training), supervisionary (oranising work loads for other members of staff and communicating with them to ensure they are happy and understand what they are doing, aswell as trying to solve all their problems or queries), writing skills (which comes within my current job as i must write letters or reports for the students), orginisational skills, and hands on customer service skills as I have always worked in customer based environments and so have dealt with a whole manner of personalities. I believe I am more then competent in this area of work as I can remain calm polite and helpful even when faced with the most aggressive of people.

I have many intrestets. I am a very social being so have many friends and enjoy meeting new people who find me very easy to talk with and get on with. I love to take long walks and sometimes go on hiking trips with family members. I enjoy reading all manners of books from horror to romance and doing puzzles particulary logic puzzles such as hanjii, sudoku, riddles and japanese puzzles. I have a particular love for animals from Sergio and Isis (my two cats) to the pig, sheep, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, horses and peacocks on our family's land. I also like to swim and go bowling.
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