G. Smith

Freelance Accountant & Auditor

Location:Jacksonville, Florida, United States
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PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Accounting Manager with more than a decade of experience
in being a part of internal expansion and meeting deadlines with all the accounting
functions: Financial Statements, Assets, and payroll reporting in a timely matter.
06/2007-Present - JACKSONVILLE, FL Controller – HR/Manager
Responsibilities: All aspects of accounting ensuring the timely and accurate financial reporting in accordance with GAAP principles. Prepare and review general ledger accounts reconciliations, accruals, and other necessary adjusting entries. Prepare various reports prior to closing ledgers to find any negative balances, missed accruals or accounts using smart list reports from Great Plains 10.0. Review financial results for completeness. Prepare and balance bank reconciliation and all balance sheets accounts on a monthly basis and Pella on a quarterly basis. Prepare all financial transactions and allocations for all departments by Pella Corp. standards on a monthly and quarterly basis utilizing FRX and complying with Pella Corp requirements and guidelines and transmit these reports Pella prior to due dates. Prepare bi-weekly and monthly payroll utilizing in-house payroll system. Prepare tax documents for various state and local entities. Prepare all monthly and quarterly payroll reports and tax deposits. Preparation of all monthly and quarterly payroll returns on a timely basis by state. Policy implementation to assure the integrity of data inputted into our system to be accurate for the accounting dept., order entry and sales dept., PCI for banking compliance when using customer’s credit cards. Policy implementation for wage and hourly to make sure PWD complies with local and federal laws. Policies implementation for disaster and IT including back up procedure to minimize time down for computers and servers and are accessible in Florida or any of the others states the back- up is kept. Monthly calculation and preparation commission reports for the sales dept. Work closely with auditors to provide Pella Corp with a certified audit as a requirement from Pella Corp original agreement.
04/2006-06/2007 - -Accounting Manager
Responsible for accounting aspect as: reports preparation, general ledger entries, analyzing financial information, financial statement preparation, and management of internal accounts reviews. Work on 10Q preparation on a quarterly basis. Assist the auditors with all reviews and back up for this quarterly reporting. Reviewed and analyzed 10Q reporting QTD and prior QTR’s for accuracy. Calculation of commissions, month- end documentation, reviewed General Ledgers
posting for accuracy. Reviewed income received from all Processors-(credit card revenue), and made sure PCI policy and procedure were followed. Reviewed all reporting income for accuracy between the banks and our in-house reporting system then transfer this information to the Cash Dept for posting into Great Plains systems.
12/97 -03/2006 - JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -Accounting Manager -
Responsible for accounting aspect as: reports preparation, general ledger entries, analyzing financial information, financial statement preparation, and management of internal accounts
reviews. Reporting Financial Statement information on a daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis
to the corporate office. Audit monthly accruals, daily sales, reporting to Corporate Office and

weekly reports of A/R, Sales to banks for cash withdrawals. Responsible for Monthly Accounting close out for multi-companies and maintaining Accounting Ledgers for Multi-entities. Preparation and review of year end audit.
Financial Supervisor - (Duties changed from one territory to four, and 22 offices)
Responsibilities: Responsible for all aspects of accounting. Duties include maintaining
accounting ledgers and records on a computerized system. Supervise semi-monthly and
monthly payroll for over 2000 employees. Utilizing in-house & off-premises computerized
payroll processing (ADP). Prepare all monthly and quarterly returns on a timely basis.
Handle depreciation for all fixed assets for 14 offices and over 700 company-owned
Autos. Assist with various accounting functions in problem resolution as needed.
Preparation and balancing of monthly bank reconciliation, adjusting entries,
general ledger, balance sheet and income statement. Assist the V.P. Finance with
accounting functions. Implementation of new input and output of the computer
systems to assure integrity of processed data for accounting dept.
Financial Manager – Responsibilities: All financial aspects of the Firm’s operations. Processing of daily transactions including preparation and recording of daily receipts and disbursements. Payroll processing weekly and semi-monthly, preparation and processing of client bills, receipt and disbursement of client trust funds. Preparation and balancing of monthly bank reconciliation’s, balance sheet, income statement, productivity reports as to chargeable hours billed and collected fees. Preparation of all payroll, sales tax and information returns on a timely basis.
EDUCATION: University (G.P.A 3.75) B. S. Major: Accounting
Minor Business/Management:
Management Courses offered by Southland Corp.:
Introduction to Management, Management Practices,
Persuasive Impact Supervisor, EEO/Handling Performance
Problems, Selecting New Employees & Handling Conflict
UNF - Jacksonville, Florida
Accounting Update, Taxation Update Seminar & Auditing
Standards Update.
Financial analysis skills:
Great Plains 10.0 - MAS 90/200 System -AS400 IBM System,
ADP Super Report Writer, Uniplex
Microsoft Windows/Word, Excel, Lotus 1-2-3
CRT-IBM 3191, IBM 3600, IBM PC- MD-DOS
RECOGNITION: Named Professional District Accounting Manager of the Year for 5 years..
REFERENCES: Will be furnished upon request.
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