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Shannon Murphy

Freelance Song Writer & Fiction Writer

Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States
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To whom it may concern,

Descriptive pieces are difficult to conjure up without seeming swollen-headed with all of the I's and Me's floating about. But it is a catch 22 because you see because it is also a place for the writer of said piece to shine. Shall we begin?

My name is Shannon and I believe I could write a brilliant relationship advice column even though I [highly] lack in the Relationship Experience department. I'm just another Chicagoland girl, living at home with her parents, trying to save the $$ to get back out! I like to consider myself a Barbie-type figure and that is not to say I'm 6' tall with a 19" waist. It has to do with my wealth of expertise in countless fields of work; just like Barbie! Some of these fields include (but are not limited to) writing style development, Dog walking/whispering, teaching dance to youngsters, cooking, poetry, restaurant running, trinket collecting etc. The list goes on and on.

Ideally I would love to start writing for something that requires an element of entertainment or story-telling. I studied at Columbia College Chicago for two years mainly focusing on Music Composition, Dance, and Creative Writing. The creative writing started as an elective of sorts but became my main focus when the others manifested an overwhelming amount of stress and anger. I found myself in my writing and I like to believe I have developed a "voice" of some kind however; that is an ever-changing aspect as I am changing every day.

Please contact me for:
-Song writing
-Creative writing (Poetry, short stories, etc.)
-Jingle writing
-Drawing and painting
-Blog interests (Fasion, food, music, travel, nonsense)

I have been creating work under a pseudonym as of late which will be discussed upon request of previous work in select areas.
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Fiction Writing