Sherri Webster

Freelance Transcriptionist & Editor

Location:Lafayette, Louisiana, United States
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PROFICIENCIES: I consider myself a team player and take pride in the accuracy and quality of my work. I have experience with Wordperfect, Corel Wordperfect, Unix Wordperfect; Chartscript; SoftMed; Citrix Client; Lanier, Dictaphone and RTAS digitized voice systems; data entry; Perspective software; MS-Word; PC Anywhere, Lotus Notes, IDX-Rad, DocQscribe, Webcorrect, Escription and Chartnet.


(1) February 2010 to PRESENT
Transtech Medical Solutions
730 N. Post Oak Rd., Suite 120
Houston, TX 77024

QUALITY ASSURANCE, home-based. Using Escription, job duties include QA for major hospitals – basic four, third shift, feedback to the MTs, and covering all stat dictations for all accounts.

(2) January 2009 to CURRENT
Meditask of Austin (part-time weekends)
Austin, Texas

QUALITY ASSURANCE SPECIALIST/TRANSCRIPTIONIST, home-based. Job duties are reviewing hospital dictation transcribed by overseas transcriptionists using DocQscribe, and transcribing when requested. This job is part-time, 3rd shift, weekends only.

(3) February 2008 to November 2010
Premier Office Technologies
57 Alpha Drive
Highland Heights, OH

QUALITY ASSURANCE SPECIALIST/TRANSCRIPTIONIST, home-based. Job duties are reviewing all work done by a group of 85 transcriptionists using ChartNet. The work consists of hospital transcription, office and clinic notes. The position also requires transcription at times when there are no reports to QA.


(4) March 2001 to December 2007: MEDQUIST, INC., Atlanta, GA
QUALITY ASSURANCE SPECALIST, home-based, for MedQuist. This position consisted of proofing transcribed medical reports, requiring a high-degree of medical terminology, experience in medical transcription, and giving feedback to the transcriptionists. Also worked as the HIRING COORDINATOR/QA editor—duties include the acquisition of new transcriptionists and editors. Testing of new applicants, mailing out contracts, and human resources paperwork. Data-keeping and tracking, recruiting database. Supervision of the radiology account MTs, training on IDX Rad software, training MTs on new accounts. MTS software and Webcorrect (internet-based software). We also mentored graduate students from transcription schools listed on our website through the Partners in Education program.

(5) September 2000 to March 2002: WAKE MEDICAL CENTER, Raleigh, NC
Medical transcriptionist—duties included the transcription of all work types such as operative notes, discharge summaries, consultations, emergency room visits, H&Ps, cardiac catheterizations, procedure notes, etc. Equipment used was Lanier, Chartscript, Citrix Client, SoftMed with Groupwise E-mail. This position required extensive medical terminology for all specialties, accuracy and speed, with previous medical transcription experience.

Medical transcriptionist—responsible for the transcription of clinical office visits from microcassette tapes and Dictaphone for four separate physicians’ offices, including: Dr. John Morley, Rheumatology, Georgia Plastic Surgery Associates, Dr. Vernon Bryant, Family Practice, SouthCoast Medical, Internal Medicine

March 1997 to January 1999: MRC, Indianapolis, IN
Medical transcriptionist—transcription service, home-based transcription of overflow from Methodist Hospital, consisting of OP notes, H&Ps, D/S, consults, ER visits, cardiac catheterizations, etc., using Lanier, company software PC Anywhere.

(7) June 1996 to April 1998: CAPE FEAR VALLEY MEDICAL CNTR, Fayetteville, NC
Medical transcriptonist—duties included the transcription of all work types such as OP notes, D/S, H&Ps, consults, ER visits, and cardiac catheterizations using Lanier and Wordperfect.


(8) September 1985 to January 1992: METHODIST HOSPITAL OF INDIANA (CLARIAN HEALTH), Indianapolis, IN
Medical Transcriptionist:
1 Starting position at the outpatient clinic. Transcription of clinic notes using a word processor and cassette tapes.
2 Transferred to the radiology department. Transcription of radiology reports, including nuclear medicine and radiation therapy, using RTAS and hospital software.
3 Final position in central dictation, medical records department. Transcription of OP notes, H&Ps, consults, EEGs/EMGs, cardiac catheterizations, etc., using Lanier and Perspective software.

I also have worked temporary transcription positions with a GASTROENTEROLOGY office and RETINAL SURGEONS (this position required setup of the office, as they had never had in-house transcription).


March 20, 2007

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Sherri Webster. I have known Sherri for 4 years. I worked with Sherri in our Raleigh MedQuist office when I first started as a QA Specialist and she was our Hiring Coordinator, and I currently work with her on SA3 region QA Team.
Sherri is extremely helpful and knowledgeable in all ways. Sherri created a wonderful list of reference websites for QA and then distributed it to the MTs as well. She is always willing to help research terminology whenever asked by either on of our teammates or an MT. Sherri is very hard-working and dedicated to giving her best in her work with accuracy and timeliness.
I highly recommend Sherri as she is knowledgeable, hard-working and dedicated to her team and job.
If I can help further in any way, please feel free to contact me at 336-322-0112 or

Suzanne Humphries
QA Specialist – SA3 Region

To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend for your consideration Ms. Sherri Sutton-Webster, who was employed with the Indianapolis Police Department Reporting Center from about 1984-85. Ms. Webster did a fine job for our department and I remember her as being a good person. She has excellent typing skills. I was her immediate supervisor during her employment with IPD.


Patrick Pearsey
Manager, IMPD Data Transcription
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