Joshua Alicea

Freelance Cartoonist & Drawer

Location:New York, New York, United States
2 Skills
Greetings! I am a very creative and spontaneous mind filled with an intense knack to produce the unexpected and unfamiliar. I have undergone several personal projects ranging from comic books (Japanese manga style), illustrations for friends (for movies), books, and various essays. My artistic skills possess a unique blend of Asian and cartoonish (mainly anime) influence yet can range to many other avenues of creative expression such as nature, architecture and robotics.

As far as writing is concerned, my use of descriptive vocabulary leaves an impression of soulful intuition and humanistic qualities that imprint whatever message I attempt to convey as a powerful memory in the minds of my readers. I have had much experience in writing, as I find myself exploring this every single day. I am currently putting together a book of excitingly unconventional topics and am very skilled in expressing visual settings and narration for short stories. I am especially best at writing material that can be potential speeches; the sort that simply takes one's breath away with intense words of wisdom and emotion.
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