Jade Tuomisto

Freelance Writer & Artist

Location:Lowell, Massachusetts, United States
Phone: 9787353521
Website: http://teallembis.deviantart.com/
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I am usually on the computer for several hours a day giving me exceptional computer skills. I have always enjoyed writing and have written many short stories, poems, children’s books, scripts, graphic novels, and novels in my life, it is a passion of mine. While I was in high school at Northwest Career and Technical Academy, my major was in Media, giving me skills in both audio and video editing. I would write articles, scripts, screenplays, draw storyboards, and also worked with Final Cut Pro and Garageband.
In my free time I enjoy working with a program called MMD or MikuMikuDance. It is a 3D animation program from Japan where I can edit and animate 3D models and create whatever I would like with them. It is what I mostly do in my spare time other than drawing, reading, or writing.

Please visit my deviant art page as well. I am able to upload more of my work on there, so there is a lot more to view: http://teallembis.deviantart.com/
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