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Location:Whittier, North Carolina, United States
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I am an ADHD adult. What that means to most people is that I can't sit still, which isn't entirely true. While ADHD people can be like that, some of us can also have a tendency to "Hyper focus", which means that when we latch onto something we get a sort of tunnel vision and follow it through to the end.

I have had a wide range of experiences. I have been everything from a bookkeeper to a construction worker, and I have driven everything from a horse and carriage to a tractor trailer. I learn quickly and I get good at what I learn in a short period of time. I have spent time (both during and after college) doing research. I worked a few months with a professor who did research for publication to various clients, as well as research/data transcription/data entry for the United States Census Bureau. I work hard and I know how to make things happen. When I want to know something, I find it, and I tend to be very organized.

I haven't been doing freelance writing for long, but I have been fairly successful so far with what I have written. I sold my first 4 small articles. They ranged from information relating to telescopes to one that extensively covered aquatic ecosystems. I don't have a site, a blog, or a portfolio as of this moment, but my time is nearly limitless.

The idea of being able to make positive changes in the world, especially while doing something I love like writing, is exactly what I think I'm looking for. I like helping people, I also like educating them. Information is the most powerful tool in the world.

I follow directions well, and haven't had any trouble meeting deadlines. I pay close attention to what is asked of me, and if I am ever unclear about something, I will ask. When I write I want the person I am writing for to be happy with the finished product. I take pride in everything I do. As my dear Father use to say, "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right."

The bottom line is this, I am new at being a freelance writer, but, hopefully I have managed to intrigue you. In the end all I can truly say is that if you are willing to take a chance on me, you won't regret it.
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