Ilan Bernet

Freelance Video Editor & Television Producer

Location:Twickenham, London, United Kingdom
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With many years of experience Ilan has worked on a wide variety of programming; from documentaries and non-fiction series, through short dramas and advertisements to corporate videos. Ilan has a keen sense of pace and excellent storytelling sensibilities. His experience as producer, director and teacher helps him see the bigger picture while not losing sight of the detail.


“Pain has no tomorrow”
45 minute documentary,
Twenty years after the death of a young Israeli soldier his family and friends try to come to terms with the loss. While some are obsessed with the death others have held on to the living memories, and the pain is ever-present, and growing.
Sister Talk Productions for Channel 2, Israel

“Camel Rally”
40 min documentary
One of series of individual high octane motor sport documentaries Ilan co-produced and directed for Israel's Channel 2 and “Sports Channel” during the 1990's. This time all-terrain vehicles and motorbikes navigate and race for 3 days and nights through the Negev desert. Some parts are pure action while others are “human interest” vignettes looking at what makes the competitors tick.
'Vazir Productions' for Channel 2, Israel

“Our town Zetl”
55 min documentary
The story of a predominantly Jewish town in Belarus. Survivors tell the story of a happy childhood, occupation by Nazi Germany and the heroic fight for survival in the forests as partisans. Over 100 hours of interviews put together with compiled archive footage to tell the story from an ever shifting point of view.
'Vazir Productions' for Museum of the Diaspora

“Horra Vekadima”
5x27 min Documentary mini-series, (also director)
A mini series produced for Israel's Channel 2 looking at the development of Israeli folk dancing, combining interviews and performance for a multicultural tapestry of traditional and contemporary dance. A mixture of multi – camera OB work and single camera EFP.
'MTVS' for Channel 2, Israel

29 minute documentary (Supervising editor, online)
The charismatic leader of a punk rock band, Ido is a talented musician, an outspoken teenager, and suddenly - devoutly religious.
'Maale School of Film and TV', Jerusalem

“Yan’s Tea House “
20 minute documentary (Supervising editor, online)
The strained relationship between Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem as seen through the eyes of a mixed staff working at a hip “tea-house” in the Jewish part of the city, owned and managed by an Arab.
'Maale School of Film and TV', Jerusalem

“Cellcom Cross”
25 minute documentary (also co producer, director)
Action packed documentary for the Sports Channel following bicycle riders racing over 3 days across the length of Israel from the Lebanese border to the Red Sea.
'Vazir Productions' for Sports Channel, Israel

25 minute documentary (also co producer, director)
A documentary which looks into the the issues of Dyslexia, the state of research and the remedies offered by a charity devoted to helping families of Dyslexic children.
'Vazir Productions' for 'Mila' Institute


"M&S TV"
10 x 3-4 min. infomercials - online advertising, for Marks and Spencer
via Adjust Your Set
"What to do in an emergency"
8 min. training video for Royal Dutch Shell , via West Digital

“Heavy Oil”
5 min. Corporate communication video for Royal Dutch Shell, via West Digital

“Permits Foundation”
5 min. Corporate communication video for Royal Dutch Shell, via West Digital

”IP Training”
5 min. training video for Royal Dutch Shell, via West Digital

"Ford Van Users"
3 x 10 min. training documentaries for Ford via SCB Partners

“Mixed Vision”
5 min. Documenting a Graffiti event. via Square I Media

“Ethical Business”
5 min. Corporate communication for Travelport GDS via Connected Pictures

Institute for dyslexia research and rehabilitation, 10 minute video for stakeholders and

“Tsabar Salads” / Carmel / Agrexco
Launching a new line for agents in the UK and across Europe (interactive DVD).

College for media professionals, 15 minute video for stakeholders and donors.

“Tel Aviv Parking Authority”
10 minute video for PR and stakeholders.

“Ganey Omer” Retirement village
12 minute video for stakeholders and potential clients.

“Camel” (Israel Dubek, Williams group)
Edited version of “Camel Rally” for PR.

“Dream Team”
RT animation, marketing video following IBC and NAB trade shows.

Marketing video for an experimental camera.

“The Society for Preservation of Heritage Sites” (Israel)
30 minute video for the education department.


30 sec. Advertisement for DFS via Pretzel Films

Directed / Edited numerous TV advertisements in Israel ranging from international brands such as "Pizza Hut" to national charities and businesses.