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Ashana Fuqua

Freelance Song Writer & Poem Writer

Location:Orlando/Clermont, Florida, United States
Phone: 3175298070
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98>At the age of 18 she began to pursue her talents professionally. She landed a role in an independent film “Vacant Lot” as Misti produced by Sherman Skee Skinner. In this role she sang 2 original pieces. This movie was introduced in various Film Festivals local and international through out 1998-2000. It was also published on BET Movies during the latter part of 2000.

‘00-‘07>Following this she began recording tracks and performing in different venues from Atlanta to Indianapolis. A notable contribution for this aspiring artist were repeat performances between 2004-2006 as multiple roles in the Gospel Musical “It’s All About Love”. (Written & Directed by Rhonda Wells) Through out the year of 2007 BeLoved worked with a band to develop 14 original songs. In Nov. 2007 she had the opportunity to perform this as one of the first featured artist of Gifts Of Praise Ministry.

‘06-‘08>During 2006 she reconnected with Sherman Skee Skinner and was asked to record 2 songs on the 2nd movie soundtrack Directed by “One Way Productions”, entitled “Pieces of A Dream”. The soundtrack and movie are available for purchase on the internet at She contributed her soulful sound with the duet of “Hold On Be Strong, & solo “If Heaven Were Now” This movie was reviewed by Ebert & Roeper, in Chicago, IL in 2008 and rated as an extremely interesting movie.

‘08-‘09>Between 08 & 2010 she has worked on 2 separate plays that are worlds apart. One entitled “I Love Me Better Than That” a musical that enabled her to perform as the leading female role “Joy”. She sang 6 of the 10 original songs with in the performance. BeLoved also recorded a soundtrack for this production released October 2009. This piece was written by Robin Oliver affiliated with Tyscott Records. This production shined a light on the darkness affiliated with domestic abuse.

‘09-‘10>During the end of this production she began working with Antwan Demarco of Demarco Plays that has an national stage play “KilaDelphia” among many others. She performed as the “Female She Devil” in the stage play of this same cast.

‘10>BeLoved placed acting on hold to complete her debut album entitled “Be GodStrong BeLoved” Released Sept 2010. In this album she tells her story of how she has been changed to display the strength that God has instilled in her as she endured and conquered challenging strongholds in her life. She also recorded a Christmas album released December 2010 (BeLoved Christmas). To obtain a copy of “Be GodStrong BeLoved” or “BeLoved Christmas” visit

’10-‘11>After producing her album, she has worked to promote her work. Performing in venues in Indianapolis, Richmond, and Muncie, Indiana. As of 11/2011 she relocated to the Orlando, Florida area.

2012> BeLoved performed for the first time in Orlando at the Gospel Explosion affiliated with 1680 AM in the summer of 2012. Working with her local church Hope International. She performed live at the “Your Battle Is My Battle” Tony McCoy Leukemia Foundation Launch. And is currently selling her Christmas Album to promote building fund efforts at her local church.
Connect with her via Or Facebook: or twitter @BeLovedFuqua
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