Todd P

Freelance Song Writer & Blog Marketer

Location:London, Ontario, Canada
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Todd P, reigning from Toronto, has a rich and extensive history in the music industry. He picked up a pen and paper 7 years ago and the dream began. After 4 years of honing his skills with older artists and learning the techniques and work ethics required, he went on a tear that would not only change his life but solidify his respect and relevance among the hip-hop community. He racked up over 50 shows, a tour, and 3 mixtapes, and would forever change the way people around him viewed music. He covered subjects such as poverty, teen pregnancy, broken homes, abuse, etc. Todd would break barriers by expanding and developing his subject matter, delivery, and versatility. He has twice been offered a publishing deal by Universal that he turned down to focus on his skills and educating himself. He attended Trebas Institute for Sound Engineering and graduated with Honours. He learned the art of production, mastering, publishing, licensing, entertainment law, song writing, scoring, sound design, and studio etiquette. Around approximately June 2010 Todd was introduced to H.I.T.S, a producer on the rise, and was presented with a Blackberry beat. By August of 2010 the “Blackberry” phenomenon was created. Blackberry blew up and led to radio spins on Flow 93.5, showcases in New York and San Diego, also extensive coverage by major hip-hop blogs in Toronto, New York, Miami, Atlanta, California, and Chicago. Todd P and HITS have recently completed their highly anticipated mixtape “Clear For Take Off”, and have 14 shows in New York this summer as well as major marketing campaigns.
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