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Freelance Digital Artist & 3D Graphic Designer

Location:Cleveland, Ohio, United States
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Game Development, Web Design & Multimedia, Visual Communications, etc.

Field of Work:
- work as an artist mgr. creating videos, animations, banners, ads, songs, studio work, vocals, creating promos, newsletters, CD covers, press releases, websites, other marketing materials, etc.
- work at business and community colleges teaching computer software, HTML, Web Design, etc.
- work as a free-lance writer/author and created book covers, articles, websites, etc.
- worked in marketing and communications for a bank corporation to create Excel templates / sheets for brochures, name tags, table cards, etc. Prepared materials in lay out room by measuring and setting up (with interns) showcase boards for seminars.
- worked in a skills and enhancement program for ABE industry to market classes and teach by creating curriculum for the scientific calculator, HTML, created workshops for Math & English, reached 100% deadlines and incentives. Materials created: display boards, flyers, announcements, wrote articles in company newsletter, designed posters for educational fairs, etc.
- worked at several community centers in managerial positions, along with providing desktop skills to students. Created coloring books and games to enhancement early learners fine motor skills. Other skills: nonprofit budgets, setup meetings, attended meetings, travel arrangements, credits, restricted funds, unrestricted funds, general ledgers, etc.
- worked in an entrepreneurship environment to create customized headers for companies, business cards, brochures, newsletters, ad layouts, flyers, bindery, laminating, invitations, custom stationary, etc.

MS Word - Excel - PowerPoint - Paint, Express Publisher, Internet, Intranet, MAC, PC, HTML, Web Design, Adobe Photoshop - Illustrator - In Design, Gimp2, Bamboo, Moodle, SAM, MS Server, 2D, 3D, 4D (photo-realistic), etc.

My Expression:
I believe creativity is inspired through unconstrained and/or constrained environments that stress on the value of character building through practice, time, and education. The artists, whether it is through music, acting, and/or other forms of art - time and endurance, still, remain as key factors in those that have found success.

With that said, my motto is the expression: "the eye of the beholder" -- you may never know who possibly loves your designs and will find value of purchase.

What makes my work different from others? It's my own abstract creations in styles of clothing, backgrounds, odd shapes, colors, etc.

Software I used for my drawings: Gimp, Adobe Photoshop, Wacom Bamboo (drawing pad), and MS Paint.

If you like, please review my portfolio that displays 2D, 3D, and a better diversity of my artwork!

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Digital Art
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