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Scott Rosema

Freelance Illustrator & Comic Artist

Location:Muskegon, Michigan, United States
Phone: 2317990200
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Scott Rosema
Graduate of Kendall School of Art and Design (‘76-”79).
A working professional illustrator since 1978.
A partial list of clients and comic book projects:

Warner Bros. International. Publishing: Penciling Looney Tunes and Tiny Toons Adventures comic book stories for World Wide Distribution, 1991-1993
Disney’s Adventure Digest Magazine: Penciled Goof Troop comic story, 1995
TSR: Numerous black & white and color illustrations for Dragon, Dungeon, & Amazing Stories magazine, RPGA Newszine, Forgotten Realms, Advanced D&D, & World of Lahnkmher modules, etc. 1987 - 1998
West End Games, FASA Corp., GDW, White Wolf: Numerous black & white and color illustrations for wide variety of game modules, magazines, and manuals. 1988 - 1994
Marvel Comics / Fleer Card Co.: X-Men Adventures - Season II, #7, ‘94; Rogue and Storm poster/ pinup, ’94; Aladdin and the King of Thieves movie comic adaptation, ‘95; Apocalypse card for 1994 Marvel Annual card set; Spider Man paintings for Spider Man Premium card set, ‘96, Sketchagraph card series, ‘99
Acclaim / Valiant Comics: Solar, Man of the Atom, #42, #43, 1995.
DC Comics: Batman Adventures coloring & activities books, & storybook (Batman vs The Terror of Two-Face), DC Superheroes coloring books, 1994 -96
Reason Magazine: Painted ‘comic book’ cover, June ‘96
Epitaph Studios: Pencils, inks interior and painted covers for.comic Bloodfang,#1, #2, ‘96
Illusion Studios: Painted cover for Bluestar comic book, ‘97
Archie Comics: Painted cover, interior penciling, interior coloring for Cartoon Network Presents #1; Space Ghost comic book,1997. Penciled/inked pin-up Sonic the Hedgehog comic, 1999
Landoll Publishing: Penciling and inking Coloring and Activity books: Jonny Quest, Looney Tunes, Prince of Egypt, Small Soldiers, Babe, Dexter’s Laboratory, Scooby-Doo, 1996 - 1998
Arrow Comics: Creator-owned character and comic book titled “AUGUST”; Created, written, penciled, inked, and lettered. Preview story, Arrow Anthology, issue #4, June ‘98. Issue #1- Aug. ‘98, #2 - October ‘98. Ongoing development of property.
Rittenhouse Ltd.: Hundreds of sketch cards for a variety of trading card sets including Xena, Strar Trek, X-Men 3 movie cards, and Marvel’s The Avengers. 1999 to present.
Omneon Corp; Designed and illustrated 32 dossier covers for company sales conference depicting sales men as superheroes. 2006
AO Smith - Corporate comic book promoting poolsafety and use of specialty motor products in same. 2011
Currently: In my spare time I’m developing projects for mainstream comic companies and working on various series of comic book/superhero related private commissions, fine art drawings and paintings.
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