Spring Lee

Freelance Comedy Writer & Content Writer

Location:Alexandria, Louisiana, United States
Phone: 3187691914
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Objective :

I have chosen freelance writing because I am a single mother and it allows me to both provide support for and to be in the home with my daughter. The amazing thing is, I get to do this while doing what I love.

Experience Freelance Writer
[2012] Textbroker UAS, Las Vegas , NV
create unique quality articles for clients, companies and web sites
be descriptive and / or informative
professional and use proper research, supporting facts, along with correct citations

Blog Owner [2011] The Faces Of Adderall-
Provide facts and content
Up to date links and contact information
To inform the general public and consumers

Published Author
[2006] [Poetry.com]
Copy write and published both:
Oceans Apart
The Mornings Light

I worked for 22 years in customer service before embarking upon this journey. Though one would not think to link this directly to being an influence on my writing abilities, one must stop to ponder, “dose this not help when knowing the audience is such an important part of being a productive writer?”. I have been able to learn and relate to many people I many walks of life. So, in fact , this proves to be a very beneficial work study asset to be able to connect with my experiences. If you don’t know how to connect to the audience, correct punctuation and sentence structure would mean nothing.

Test Drive College - Corrine Loveland
Mark at Student Services - Advisor
(email link ) mwietryzchowski@educationdynamics.com
2011 - English Composition
Overall points 926 out of 1,000
3 college credits earned

Making a substantial income to support my child, being an excellent Mom and a successful
Writer. Church is a very meaningful interest in our home as well. Hello there!
I am a free lance writer and I have a passion for what I do.

I consider myself somewhat of a new age author with my primary focus being on the things currently affecting our communities and homes today. I am fierce when it comes to something I believe in and will not hold back what I find is solid and supported, unless otherwise requested.

I have a little under a years experience with the professional aspect of writing , how ever, I have been experimenting with it my whole life through. Although I do not have an associates degree, I did graduate a college English Composition course recently with a great GPA .

My instructor was informative and gave me great feedback about my work. During the course I strengthened my skills, learned MLA and APA guidelines, how to avoid plagiarism, productive thorough research, different writing styles, authors tone, genre and so forth. In addition, I have successfully provided my services to online sites, clients, blogs etc.

I’d like the opportunity to tell you more about my work experience and how my skill set could contribute to the effect you desire through my writing. I’d be happy to supply examples of my work upon your request. Thank you, and I sincerely look forward to working with you.
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Comedy Writing
Content Writing