Michael Davis

Freelance Drawer & Billboard Designer

Location:windsor, Ontario, Canada
2 Skills
I've freelanced for going on 10 years now. having worked for some of the top companies around the world in doing so. I'm knowledgable in the breakdowns and completions of comic books. Able to bring to life any world or invironment that the person(s) that i'm working for has in mind. Having working on persentations,both for others and myself for the past 8 years. And i'm infact working on the art to a comic of mine now.I'm a gothic and horror artist by nature...since i was a child i've always been drawn to the darkness of that genre.
I've been a shoe designer, a billboard artist,as well as a gothic/horror book illustrator.
I've also been a story board artist for some independent movies that are projects in the works right now, so i can honestly say that my experience spans the field of art abit more then most. always willing to take on any project...big or small. Because though it may sound abit cocky-(most artist are whether they admit it or not are)- I love what I do and I'm always looking for the opportunity to prove that there's nothing I won't and can't do. And for the right project i could be persuaded to work for name credit and/or a percentage of the take of the sold project.
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Billboard Design