Ann Hollingworth

Freelance Advertising Freelancer & Advertising Manager

Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Ann Hollingworth

Top performing, dynamic Creative Director in the Advertising field possessing a verifiable record of achievement,
with superior communication, management, and presentation skills

Key Accomplishments


• Responsible for creating the original Volkswagen ads for the Canadian market. Resulted in several awards and international recognition, Volkswagen corporate ad recognized in the Canadian Advertising Hall of Fame. Oversaw all print and photography, managing a team of four.
• Key role in increasing P&G’s Always brand from a 4 share to 1 share within a twelve-month timeframe. Managed a group of four creative. Maintained a one share throughout.
• Spearheaded launch campaign for Millennium Hotels/Resorts in North America. Campaign so successful agency won European launch assignment. Created Missouri Tourism campaign, winning several creative awards. Managed a department of twenty in cross-functions.
• Hand picked to develop pitch for merger of Atlantic Telephone Companies to Alliant. Managed a department of ten.
• Played key role in start up of Direct Response Advertising division of BBDO. Successfully integrated cross-functional approaches to direct response. Selected to bring forth a team designed to establish and execute the Bell e-business to CEOs, CFO’s, and IT executives, resulting in full integration and more success within a 3-month period than IBM and Sprint’s e-business campaigns of 3 years. Earned numerous creative awards in each division and presented as case history by BBDO. Managed a team of fifteen.
• Conceived and designed the Scotiabank direct response calculator for home mortgages that became much copied by other bank campaigns in Canada.
Oversaw the creation of the graphic standards for the direct response mailings for Scotiabank. Supervised five people.
• Concepted and completed an integrated campaign for the launch of the Grace Kelly exhibit at TIFF Bell Lightbox. Newspaper, magazines, radio, member invitations, promotions, posters, outside building scrims, street banners, elevator doors, digital signage, wild postings, contests both online and off, landing pages, buckets, e-blasts, a pop-up fashion show. Worked with both internal and external stakeholders. Managed a department of eleven.

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Summary of Qualifications

• Dynamic career reflecting progressing advancement, superior accomplishments, and talent for maintaining profit growth.
• Demonstrated ability to manage top producing, diverse teams of creative individuals.
• Achievements recognized both regionally and nationally. Hard working team player, consistently assuming additional responsibilities.
• Taught over 100 students each semester at the Ontario College of Art & Design
• Recognized for winning creative awards and helping existing clients continue to grow their business working in cross-functional campaign management.
• Extremely comfortable and successful working with difficult and diverse clientele. Strong presentation and sales ability.
• Keen organizational, analytical, problem solving and decision making ability.
• Articulate communicator exhibiting high-level business ethics and performance standards.


Erie County Bank (US), Toronto Dominion Bank, Midland Doherty, The Mutual Group,
Royal Canadian Mint, Chase Lincoln First (US), Scotia Bank, Royal Trust
Food & Beverage
Budweiser, Nabisco, Cadbury Schweppes, Amstel Brewery, Nestle, Carnation, Dominion
Grocery Stores, Coca Cola, Sun Pac, Remy Martin, Molson, Seagrams
Volkswagen, Hyundai, Kia, Chrysler
Phillips, Braun, Sony, Northern Telecom, IMC, Bell, Sympatico, FedEx
Packaged Goods
Carter Wallace, Colgate Palmolive, Boyle Midway, Kimberly Clark, Scott Paper, Union
Carbide, Proctor & Gamble, Warner Lambert
Kodak (US, Canada), Hasselblad, Nikon, Canon, Polaroid
Travel & Tourism
Hilton Hotels, King Edward Hotel, Barbados Tourism, Canadian Airlines,
Stratford Festival, Celebrity Cruise Lines (US), Millennium Hotels, Missouri Tourism, Fairmont Hotels

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The Body Shop, Wendy’s, Petro-Canada, Eaton’s, Printing House, Tim Horton’s,
Harvey’s, Barnes & Noble Bookstores, Starbucks, Kilpatrick’s, VWDealers,
Allied Van Lines, Union Gas, Intergold Corp, IBM, Volkswagen, Cleveland Public Power
Environmental/Public Service/Not for Profit
Scenic Hudson (US), Cdn. Diabetes Association, Cdn.Cancer Society, Duchess County Outreach, tiff bell lightbox
Duchess Community College, University of Nebraska Press, Marist College,
Arkansas Tech
Monsanto, Syngenta

Professional Experience
Freelance Exec. Creative Director BWCommunications
2001- U.S. & Canada
Associate Creative Director BBDO Response / Canada
1998 – 2000
Creative Director/ Instructor BWCommunications,
1993 – 2001 OCAD / Canada
Group Creative Director DMB&B / Canada
1988 – 1992
Art Director Bates, DDB, BBDO
U.S. & Canada

Member Canadian Advertising Hall of Fame, Silver Microphone, Missouri Tourism / New York “ADDY” /The ONE SHOW/AD&D Volkswagen, Amstel Brewery / T.O., NY Art Director’s Shows, A&P, Volkswagen, Kimberly Clark, Allied Van Lines / Bessies, Kimberly Clark, Budweiser / International Monitor Awards, P&G /RSVP’s & Caplans, FedEx, Sympatico, Bell

University of Nebraska; Omaha, Lincoln School of Visual Arts; New York, NY