Albert Guma

Freelance Quality Assurance Freelancer & Annual Report Writer

Location:South Africa
2 Skills
I have been a freelance writer since i was a kid. My first published article was in a magazine that has long been shut down. It was about the day my country, Uganda, was liberated from a brutal regime way back in January, 1986. It described the euphoria that engulfed the entire country as the former rebels took over the capital city and the government. Many years later i was the main Editor and chief contributor to a small newsletter that was being put out by a non-governmental organization called River Blindness Foundation

I can truthfully say that good writing has been a major feature of my life from as far back as Grade 5 when i developed one of my best hobbies...reading. I have since then become an avid reader and would never be caught without a book in my briefcase. Although i have not done much writing in my life, i greatly admire those who do, and do it well. Apart from good books and news magazines such as Time and Newsweek, i read hundreds of blog posts and columnists every single day on a wide range of topics.

The biggest part of my career has been spent as a publisher. I ran a printing and publishing firm called Excel Graphics for 15 years. I say all this to demonstrate that i know my way around a pen (a keyboard, to be more precise) and I'm certain i would be able to add value to your team of writers. In fact the only time i remember receiving genuine praise from my overbearing father was when i came home with an A+ for having written the best essay in Grade 6. He was a journalist himself so he knew good writing when he saw it. It was about a week in the life of a coin, of all things.

Clearly, this is my gift and has been since i was kid. I abhor poor writing and will not waste time on an article that has no life behind it. It is not difficult to tell, as I'm sure you well know. It's time for me to put on my writing cap again...that is, if you'll have me.

As my CV will show, I've spent half of my life in sales and marketing. One of my other passions is Life Coaching and i do that part time.