Timothy Karim

Freelance Comic Artist & Caricature Artist

Location:Moreno valley, California, United States
Website: http://eyesoflimtlessexp.deviantart.com/
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Hi my name is timothy karim, iv' been drawing comic's since i was in high school, the type of style's are moslty in anime an american moslty . The tool's of the trade i work in photoshop,MS,illust studio,pencil an pen, an some other program's, i just about use ever diffirent style's of coloring method's but mostly Digitel type of coloring. Worked with other artist's an music artist's as well commissioned for other customer project's as well, i sell most of my artwork on (Deviant art) if interested in some of my art i sell on here the website http://eyesoflimtlessexp.deviantart.com/ . also if you have any work that's need's to be done .. feel free too contact me on here an we can work out the rest of the detail's.
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Comic Art
Caricature Art