Jonathon Goodliffe

Freelance Programmer & Linux Programmer

Location:Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
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I am a freelance programmer who is obsessed with code quality--I consider my code a work of art and as such good performance and stability is a must. I have experience with many tools & libraries such OpenGL, SDL, SFML, Bzip2, Lzma SDK, OpenAL, and Zlib just to name a few.

I have designed & implemented many compression algorithms ranging from Lz based dictionary coders to block sorters to predictive coders, many of which outperform Lzma/Bzip2/PPMd. I have combined each of these algorithms with a variety of custom archive, image, video, and audio formats, both lossless and lossy.

I have implemented a variety of GLSL shaders such as SSAO, reflective/refractive water, bump-mapping and relief/parallax mapping.

I have several years of experience in video game programming, in particular with the RTS genre. I program in (preferably) C but I do C++ as well. I develop on both Windows and Linux.

I love to learn new thinks and can adapt to the needs of my clients.
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Linux Programming