Deborah Camp

Freelance Children's Book Illustrator & Mural Painter

Location:New York, United States
2 Skills
From youth onward I was drawn to becoming an artist. An artist is one who not only can create physical manifestations of their ideas, but one who has a positive, lasting and rippling impact on society. My ultimate goal is to dive in head first and submerge myself into the art field. I have always found a way to channel my creative energies into every field I have entered into from illustration to teaching to being a sales associate. I have experience working with students and customers and I would love to channel my energetic work ethic into the illustration board to expand my career path. I have gleaned patience and organizational skills from working in a classroom and a pharmacy which would seamlessly translate into meeting and exceeding the demands of an illustration career in a high paced environment.
I want to use all of my professional experiences to achieve my ultimate artistic endeavors. I think of all of my experiences as a cumulative interwoven journey full of crossroads overlapping at each mark building the strength of my character to prepare me for the art field. I envision my work shown in galleries. In my mind’s eye I see myself illustrating for newspapers, greeting cards and children’s books. By working with my students I've had the pleasure of seeing the perspective of the world through a child's eyes and would love to create whimsical characters and stories and breathe life into them via my pencil as the ideas flow through my mind. I envision myself brainstorming creative concepts for advertising campaigns. I am determined and iron willed to anything I set my mind towards and I always make sure to bring out nothing but the absolute best for my future companies.