Rachel Morrissey

Freelance Proofreader & Content Writer

Location:Washington, United States
2 Skills
Skill Summary: Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office
Professional History:
Political Action Committee Director, Florida Crystals Corporation/ Smith & Boyette, September 2001- Present
• Develop public relations strategy with industry working groups
• Plan and orchestrate fundraising efforts, including
o Coordinate and plan DC, Baltimore, and Florida fundraising efforts and events
o Write and produce information for raising PAC funds within Florida Crystals Corporation

Coordinator for Grassroots, Issuer Relations and Political Action Committee, The Bond Market Association, January 2000-September 2001
• Main author of the Congressional Action Network and Issuer Federal Legislative Updates and editor of the Washington Weekly publication
• Responsible for Legislative Issues page of bondmarkets.com and for the corresponding grassroots action website
o Ran a “grass tops” letter campaign to support allowing local governments to use corporate bonds to build and improve schools that gathered support from hundreds of state and local government officials.
o Ran ongoing efforts to garner letters from individuals within member firms to write their representatives on corporate and public bond issues.
• Involved in fundraising activities with the Association’s member firms – including visits and distribution of fundraising materials

Capitol Guide, United States Capitol Guide Service, February1998- January 2000
• Conducted official tours of the United States Capitol representing Congress to approximately 50,000 visitors each year
• Researched and provided information regarding the history of the building as well as the legislative branch of government
• Conducted personal tours of the Capitol for visiting dignitaries, officials and guests of members of Congress

Primary Researcher, National Archives, Washington, DC, Brigham Young University Statistical Research Project, August 1997-February1998
• Responsible for researching, collecting and data entering of information relating to civil war pensions to create data source for general sociological historical information on the late 1800’s
• Participated in creating web based data source for genealogical and sociological research dealing with immigration records from the early twentieth century
• Researched Chinese Immigration Law and began database on 19th century Chinese immigrants.

Intern for Communications Director, Office of Senator Robert F. Bennett, summer 1997
• Wrote and distributed press releases
• Assisted with press conferences and other related media events
o Helped coordinate Senator’s visit to sites preparing for the SLC Olympics.
o Assisted in Senator’s preparation for various television appearances
• Maintain files related to Senator Bennett’s media contacts and projects
• Assisted with constituent services

Utah State University, BA in History and Theater arts performance with a minor in English, 1997
Volunteered full time for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Bulgaria, 1994-1996
• Became fluent in the Bulgarian language
• Organized and trained local leaders to run the Relief Society, the international LDS women’s organization
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Content Writing