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Mojdeh Olamazadeh

• Nationality: Iranian
• Date and Place of Birth: 10 Dec 1966, Tehran
• Architecture and Urban Management
My objective is to act as the architect or coordinator of construction projects, mostly Residential and Educational Buildings and complexes to work closely with engineering team of architects, civil engineers, Electrical and mechanical engineers and also clients and translate their will to the perfect design. My architecture major integrated with management academic and practical capabilities enable me to work efficiently for my employer and make things happen.

University Education •???MA Urban Management

2003 – 2004 Erasmus University Rotterdam – IHS
(Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies)
40 Year Experience on training Urban Managers
Rotterdam – The Netherlands
Key modules: Urban Management, Urban Economics, Action Planning, Strategic Planning, Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA), Feasibility Study, Public Private Partnership (PPP), Housing Finance, Human Resource Management, Transport and Urban Development, Urban Social Development.
Thesis: The Management of Quality Control Systems in housing sector – Regarding the earthquake scenario in Tehran - IRAN

• MSc Architectural Engineering
1984 – 1993 Shahid Beheshty University – Architecture & Urbanism Faculty
Tehran - IRAN
Thesis: Architectural design of an Administrative and Commercial Complex - Shahrake Gharb – Tehran
Professional Experience

Yekom Consulting Engineers – IRAN
MC (Main Contractor) of Municipality Regions 6, 13 & 17 for Technical & Developmental Projects
2006 – 2010 Self - Employment – IRAN
More than 30 projects in 22 Regions of Municipality of Tehran
• Architectural Design – Residential Buildings
Design Residential Buildings for owners

2005 – 200 Tehran International Tower– IRAN
(55 Floor Residential Tower)
• Architectural Expert of Technical Office – A.S.P
? Control and confirm the architectural drawings of Setec Batiment Consultant Engineers (French company) as For Construction

? Coordinator of Sample Apartments
? Control and confirm shop drawings of contractors
? Responsible for monitoring the performance of contractors of architecture discipline and report to the manager of Technical Office

2002 – 2003 Self - Employment
• Architectural Design and Execution

1994 – 2002 Shabak Consulting Engineers – IRAN
A member of The Iranian Consulting Engineers Society
• Architectural & Urban Planning Expert
? Coordination and assisting with leadership of the project design team in several Architectural projects as follow:

- Shahrak e Besat Residential Complex - Mahshahr Port
- Siri island Commercial & Recreational Complex
- Chabahar island Recreational Complex
- Bahreganr Recreational & sport Center
- Shahrake Naft - Ahwaz city - South Pars, 720 semi-fabricated units for Housing Development for N.I.O.C
- Preperation Plans of Three New City (Bilesavar, Germy, Parsabad) - West Azarbayjan

? Responsible for preparation of Civil Invoices and Monthly progress report And Planning, monitoring and control of project during its lifetime
- Two Administration buildings of Amirkabir Petrochemical Complex - N.I.O.C - Mahshahr Port – South Pars

? Detail design and Cooperating software design with architectural aspects in preparation of cd of Detailing of Housing Construction for The Ministry of Program and Budget

Professional Certificates and Memberships

1 st Level Certificate – License to Construction Profession
2007 Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning
Welding – License to Control welding in Steel Structures
2007 Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning
A member of Iranian Construction Professional Engineers
Competences and Emotional Intelligence
? Proactive and positive character
? The ability of team-working, look ahead, program, coordinate, allocate tasks and follow up
? Adaptable to work in a multicultural environment

Computer Proficiency
Numbers inside parenthesis show level of competence from 1 (basic) to 5 (excellent)

? Office works: Ms Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook (4)
? Database: Ms Access (4)
? Technical Software: Revit Architecture 2012 (4), Vray Rendering (4), AutoCAD (4), MsProject (4)

Speaking Reading Writing

? English Fluent Fluent Fluent
? French Good Good Good
? Persian Mother Tongue

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Master Thesis in Urban Management


The Management of Quality Control Systems in housing sector in Tehran

Earthquake has been one of the most dreadful natural disasters in the human nature history. The primary need of people is feeling secure in the dwelling as nobody can live with permanent fear. Therefore it is crucial to build the houses reliable in confronting to the expecting earthquakes.

Iran has been faced a lot of serious earthquakes during its history of three millenniums. Tehran, the capital of Iran, is a city of 12 million populations has been very susceptible to confront earthquakes. Also professionals in Geo-physics Department of Tehran University predicted an earthquake of 7 Richter in the current decade.

As we know prevention is prior to pro-action and responses to the earthquake, the quality of construction in the housing sector has been very important. As will be discussed further in “Chapter I – Research Framework”, the prevention of new houses considered prior than prevention of the old houses as they will stay for few decades but the old houses finally will join to the new houses after few years. Moreover the prevention of new houses needs an immediate action as they are increasing day by day.

This research proposed before the Bam earthquake, as the problem of low quality houses has been a serious thread in the author’s mind as an overseer. Now after the Bam Tragedy the importance of this research is highlighted.
The quality of construction in any project is influenced by many different factors and people.

This research attempts to discuss two main areas, firstly the management of the Quality Control Systems in the housing sector in the Municipality of Tehran and secondly the quality prepared on site as the other aspect of quality in construction.
The best way to achieve perfection is;

“Do it perfect and correct at the first time! “

By allocation of proper resources to a project, achieving expected quality will be easier and faster than compensation of defects by wasting resources of time, money, labor and materials. This research by studying the current Quality Control System in the Municipality of Tehran and Quality on site, recommends an action plan to improve and develop the existing Quality Control System and improve the quality on site to achieve desired quality in housing business.
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