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Charlene Williams

Freelance Editor, Ghostwriter, & More

Location:Toms River, New Jersey, United States
Phone: 201-320-7115
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I have been a Professor of English Literature for the past eight years, and recently was laid off due to a budget crunch prior to receiving tenure. Having proofed thousands of student assignments over the past eight years, I believe that I am an excellent editor of the written word. Additionally, I reviewed a book of short stories last year.

Charlene E. Williams
Current Address
1211 Far Hills Avenue
Apt. 102
Dayton, OH 45419

Master of Education with an emphasis in Developmental Skills 1983
Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina
Master of Arts, English Literature 1977
University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio
Bachelor of Arts, English Literature 1974
University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio

Related Education Experience: Certified Development Education Specialist
The Kellogg Institute for the Training and Certification of Developmental Educators 1980-1981:
The Kellogg Institute is the nation's longest running advanced training program for developmental
educators and learning skills specialists. The program consists of two components: 1. two intensive, four-week summer residences, which were spent at Appalachian State University 2. a supervised practicum following the residency and carried out at the participant's home campus The residency portion of the Institute includes four seminars on such topics as Assessment and Placement, Designing Learning Environments, Leadership and Academic Support Services Relating to Developmental Education, Outcomes Assessment and Program Evaluation. Each seminar is led by one or more recognized experts in the content area and is designed to meet the needs of the practicing developmental educator and learning assistance specialists.

Employment Experience

Teaching Experience
Associate Professor, Department of English and Literature
• Taught full-time as Professor in the Department of English and Literature. Courses taught over the years included honors classes (HUMN 299); on-line classes: English 1 and English 2 (Engl 151 DL and Engl 152 DL); (American Literature II (Engl 256 DL); in-class courses: American Literature I and II (Engl 251 and Engl 252); World Literature II (Engl 256); Women in Film (Engl 242); Native American Literature (Engl 222).

Adjunct Instructor
• Teaching temporary full-time (Fall 2007) six courses regular Fall Term
(four English 1 (ENGL 151), a Humanities Course, Special Topics (HUMN 297), and
American Literature II (ENGL 252 DL). Also teaching Quick Term this semester, English I
(ENGL 151).
• Generally teaches all Fall and Spring Semesters, both Quick Term Semesters, and both
Summer Sessions. Courses include English Fundamentals 1 (020), English I (151), English II
(152), Myth and Meaning In Literature (236), American Literature I (251), World Literature II
(256), Honors Topics in Humanities (HUMN 297).
• Teaches on-line courses: English I (ENGL 151 DL), English II (152 DL), World Literature II (ENGL 256 DL), and American Literature II (ENGL 252 DL).
• Has created the on-line course, American Literature 252DL.
• Creating British Literature II (ENGL 254 DL) for Fall, 2008.
• Co-authored HUMN 297-90 with Patricia Kennedy, Professor in the Fine Arts Department:
“Canvas Sail and Painted Canvas: Art and Literature in 19th Century New England”

Presentations at National Educational Organizations:
2008, 2009, 2010: Community College Humanities Association (CCHA): Involving students in service projects via the curriculum

2010: Spring Global Education Conference, Elizabeth, NJ: Global Education and the Internet

Grants received:
NEH Grant for the Summer, 2009, in Concord, Mass.

Ocean County College Committees
2009-2010 Co-Chair of Black History Month
Co-Chair of Native American Heritage Month Celebration
Chair of the Henry David Thoreau Society and Project
2008-2011 Member of various committees, including Black History Month, Native American Heritage Month Celebration, Poetry Committee, Search Committees, Honors Committee, etc.
2007 PLT Committee: e-Learning Future on Campus (March-May)
2006- to Present Honors Committee
2002-2006 International Education Committee. Co-planned a study trip to Spain

Workshops and Seminars for Ocean County College
2007 WebCt-6: Conversion workshop for Web CT
2007 Quality Matters Workshop and Certification for on-line course review
2006 Honors Convention in Philadelphia
2006 WebCT Training Workshops
2004 Team Teaching Workshops at Ocean County College
2004 International Peace Institute, Washington, D.C.

Study Trips and Courses on Literature
• Study trip to Concord, MA to study the Transcendental authors, 2006 and 2007.
• Study trips to Gettysburg, PA to study the literature of the Civil War, 2006 and 2007.
• On-line course: “Great Political Thinkers: Plato,” Oxford University in England,
December, 2004.
• On-line course: “Jane Austen and the English Novel,” October-December, 2003,
through Stanford University, California.

Ocean County College Department of Continuing Education, 2004-2006.
Part-time position teaching Film Appreciation in the Continuing Education Department.
Courses included the study of various film genres, film directors, and themes in film.

Other Teaching Experience
University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio
Assistant Dean of Students and Assistant Professor
• Director of the Developmental Skills Department. Involved in Program/Curriculum Development
and teaching in a Basic Skills Program for Freshmen. The Program included courses in
reading, writing, mathematics, study skills, time budgeting, and stress management.
• Director of Freshman Orientation and Student Publications (newspaper, literary magazine, yearbook)
• Grant Writer for Students Services: received funding in the amount of
$750,000 for Developmental Skills, $25,000 for Tutoring, and $50,000 for a Reading Program.
• Editor of many publications including a “Handbook for Orientation Directors;” editor and/or designer
of newsletters, brochures, student handbooks, slide shows and presentations, etc.
• Chairperson of many working and search committees.

Education Committee History at the University of Dayton
• National Orientation Directors Association, 1976-1980
• National Board Member 1976-1980
• Ohio Developmental Skills Association, 1977-1984, Member
• Developmental Skills Committee, 1980-1984, Chairperson
• Orientation Committee: 1975-1980, Chairperson
• Retention Committee: 1977-1984, Member
• Alcohol Awareness Committee: 1980-1984, Member
Certification and Training Programs
• Leadership Development Training Program, 1982-83
• Howard University School of Education
• National Association of Remedial and Developmental Specialists Conference
• Continuing Education Program, 3.0 CEU’s, 1981, via Wright State University
• Department of Education Grant Writing Seminars, 1980 and 1984
Washington, D.C. and Atlanta, GA

Other Employment Experience
• Educational and Groups Coordinator: Responsibilities included teaching the various aspects of
a travel experience. Editor of various newsletters, taught various workshops, and travel
seminars. Designed and marketed an educational experience to groups, via such proposals
such as A Jane Austen Tour to England and Cervantes’ Spain.

Self-Employed: 1984-1990
Owner of The Dietworks, a health food restaurant, Cranford, NJ
Owner of The CanCan, a boutique clothing store, Cranford, NJ