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Brianne Higgins

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Everything had to start from a thought.

Life evolves but we will never dissolve

And by we I mean you

And by you I mean me.

As children we desire until we acquire a stronger desire

But before we can master amore complicated desire, we develop hope

You can live your life appreciating life even if not knowing what it's all about.

Hope is happiness... right?

or is hope waiting for happiness..

Hope is another word we fantasize about in order to live life pleasantly

just like the word desire.

Desire we know we will be happy for, at least temporally.

You see, for centuries we have known specific words that titled our reason to feel a certain way.

One mental word can control you physically.

One single tone of vibration could open your mind and change your life forever.

So what happens if you're deaf?

I lived Life for 8 years without audio or soundtrack.

I stood unknowingly quiet observing the life of my family and loved ones.

Piecing together lip movements and loud noises as what I thought was "Life".

I was born with ear canals that were not fully formed and can only hear deep bass like tones.

My rendition of the alphabet consisted of letters that all sounds the same.

I received a surgery from a man I thought to be "God like".

Because of him... I can now hear.

I can now feel for each word and it's meaning just by a vibration.

You can live your life appreciating life even if not knowing what it's all about.

I learned not to lean on the meaning of "Hope" or "Desire"...

Because I know true happiness comes without either of them.

With my happiness comes a pen and paper.

Ideas flood my mind; so I use ink to drain them.

-Brianne Higgins
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