Tim Kiser

Freelance Database Expert & Database Designer

Location:Tucson, Arizona, United States
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Timothy J Kiser
2010 East Harvard Drive
Tempe, Arizona 85283
(480) 820-4279


Extensive experience as an IT System Administrative
10+ years accumulative experience in System administration (HP-UX, Solaris, Linux)
Extensive shell scripting and LAMP experience
Expertise and responsibilities include installation, support, configuration and maintenance of HP-UX 10.20/11i, Sun Solaris 9/10, Linux RHEL 3/5 servers and workstations. Practical experience and knowledge of HP-UX commands, Ignite-UX,SAM utilities and Kickstart. Windows operating system, Office and Outlook.
Heterogeneous environments of NIS, NFS, DNS, TCP/IP, Shell Scripting, VNC, VMware


Operating Systems: HP-UX 9x/10.20/11i, Solaris, Linux, Windows NT/2000/Vista
Languages: Shell Scripting (bash, csh, ksh, ssh, Korn),C, C/C++, C#, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python
Tools: Eclipse Work Center, Emacs, XEmacs, Makefile, Nedit, Vi, Visual Studios, phpMyadmin, VMWare
Hardware: HP-UX , SUN Solaris, Linux servers and workstations, HP Pavillion, HP NC6000, NC8000, DAT Backup Devices, Dual boot hard drives, Cable Modems, CDROM, DVD, GPIB, GPIN LAN Gateway, Hard drives, Video cards, Ethernet cards, Wireless Routers


COMPANY -- ITT – Tempe, AZ
From: March 2011 – December 2011
Position: Technical Consultant
• Provide technical consulting for test program design/development and characterization.

COMPANY – Classy Corners – Mesa, AZ
From: June 2009 – Present
Position: Web Design/Developer
• Develop and Design customers functional web site using CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript and XHTML
• Developed custom CSS style sheets
• Developed data base for Users, Customers, Product and Pricing
• User login accounts
• Developed, tested and deployed applications on GoDaddy

COMPANY -- Verigy – (Spinoff of Agilent Technologies) Tempe, AZ
From: June 2006 – December 2008
Position: Applications Engineer
• HP-UX/Linux System administration and support including server and workstations
• Upgraded Linux server and workstations from RHEL 3 to RHEL 5
• Automation using scripting tools C, C++, Perl and Python
• Created and administered CVS/snv repository on Linux server for source revision control
• Expertise in Installation, configuration, software upgrades and support of HP-UX/Linux server and workstations
• Provided 7x24 hardware and software on call support
• Developed, tested and deployed applications
• Trouble shooting of applications and support of business partners
Specific tasks include:
• Create and administer user accounts, passwords and group permissions
• Configuration of Ethernet, GPIB and GPIO communication cards
• Configured VNC (Virtual Network Connection) for remote user sessions
• Documentation of all procedures and developed software tools
• Install patches and cumulative fixes on HP-UX and Linux server and workstations
• Installation and deployment of Linux OFFLINE workstations
• Installation and support of 3rd party software tools
• Shell scripting (csh, ksh, Korn & Perl)

COMPANY – Agilent Technologies – (Spinoff of Hewlett Packard) Tempe, AZ
From: Jun 2002 to May 2006
Position: Applications Engineer
• HP-UX/Linux System administration and support including server and workstations
• Provide Agilent 93K SOC customer applications support
• Provided applications support on Hewlett Packard F330 and F660 test systems
• Upgraded HP-UX 10.20 to HP-UX 11i
• Installation and deployment of Linux RHEL3 server and work stations
• Automation using scripting tools C, C++, Perl
Specific tasks include:
• Create and administer user accounts and groups
• Configuration of Ethernet, GPIB and GPIO communication cards
• C++ Software Development using the Eclipse graphical environment
• Developed dual boot methodology to switch between HP-UX 10.20 and 11i

COMPANY – Hewlett Packard Phoenix, AZ
From: Aug 1998 to May 2002
Position: Applications Engineer
• Provided applications support on Hewlett Packard F330 and F660 test systems
• Installation and support of HP-UX 9x/10.20 servers and workstations
Specific tasks include:
• Hardware and software support of HP-UX 9x/10.20 server and workstation
• System backup and restore of HP-UX operating systems
• Delivery of HP-UX Digital Tester customer training classes
• Develop device Test and Characterization programs
• Installation and deployment of engineering HP-UX OFFLINE workstations
• Installation and support of 3rd part software tools

COMPANY – VLSI Technology Tempe, AZ
From: Mar 1991 to July 1998
Position: Software Development Engineer
• Responsible for developing software applications to automate various processes
Specific tasks include:
• Devised and implemented software tools to bridge design simulation to test stimulus/response vector patterns
• Created object library to standardize test functions for test program development
• Architected tester independent data base to develop source code across multiple platforms
• Applications support and enhancement of various software utilities
• Designed compression algorithm to eliminate the need to purchase addition memory

COMPANY – VLSI Technology Tempe,AZ
From: Jan 1988 to Feb 1991
Position: Test Development Engineer
• Test development and new product introduction of system level products
• Developed ATPG and various software utilities to generate source code
• Software definition and development of vendor Digital Test System
• Outstanding Teamwork Award for the design and implementation of the industry’s first high speed, high pin count, parallel testing operation
Specific tasks include:
• Generate Test and Characterization for CMOS Microprocessor and Gate Array Devices
• Develop Test and Characterization programs on Schlumberger Series 20/21, STS 120/256 and Tektronix LT1101 digital test systems
• Design load boards for use in test development t and production testing


• Computer Technology Certification – Control Data, Southfield Michigan

Continuing EDUCATION: Mesa Community College

• Continuing Education – Mesa Community College, C#, PHP/MySQL


• HP-UX certified 10.20/11i System Administration
• HP-UX certified 10.20/11i Network Administration


• Verigy 93K AV8 Training
• Verigy 93K SOC Mixed Signal
• Agilent 93K SOC Applications
• Hewlett Packard F330 Basic Applications
• Hewlett Packard F330 Advanced Applications
• Schlumberger ITS 9000 Applications
• Tektronix LT1101 Series Applications
• Schlumberger Series20/21 Factor Training
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