Kieran Reid

Freelance Creative Writer & Fiction Writer

Location:Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
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Kieran James Reid


Primary School: Sacred Heart College
1994 - 2000 Observatory

High School: St John’s College
2001 – 2005 Houghton

Matric Subjects: English

Awards: Cultural Colours: Oratory, Debating and Drama (2005)
Half Colours: Debating (2004)
Most Promising Student Adjudicator: South African Council of English Education (2005)

Leadership roles: Prefect (2005)
Secretary, Matric Dance Committee (2004)

University: Wits School of the Arts - BA Dramatic Arts
2006 – 2010

University Subjects: Performance Studies
Drama and Film (Major)
English Literature
Television Studies
Writing (Major)
Directing (Major)


2006-2010 Drama School Work: Throughout my degree at Wits School of The Arts I acted in numerous small pieces for directing students. I also directed various small pieces while I was a directing student. I have also been asked to act in several short films for the TV students. Included in this general work is stage managing for small productions, assisting with lighting, sound and general theatre work. I worked back stage on various productions which included building of sets and making costumes.

2010 The Fellowship of the Farce: Bowler Hat Productions restaged the production at the Joburg Theatre Fringe Stage for the Green Light Festival. I directed and produced the production again.

2010 The 24 Hour Plays: Bowler Hat Productions hosted The 24 Hour Plays in which 30 theatre practitioners of varying experience came together to produce five ten minute plays in only 24 hours. The show was hosted at The Alex Theatre. I conceptualised, organised, produced and hosted the event with other Bowler Hat Partners.

2010 The Fellowship of the Farce: Through Bowler Hat Productions I directed and produce the first official Bowler Hat production – The Fellowship of the Farce. The play was staged on the Wits Main Stage.

2010 Bowler Hat Productions: Formed, developed and officially launched Bowler Hat Productions. A production company aimed at creating new and entertaining comedy shows. The company works in both film and theatre.

2009 Reservoir Dogs: I produced and directed a stage version of Quentin Tarantino’s film ‘Reservoir Dogs’

2009 Clevinger’s Trial: Bowler Hat Production’s second play. I directed and produced this play which was also staged for an exclusive Wits Drama Audience.

2009 KLM Arts Management: We conducted similar work on the second annual Bafundi Film & TV Festival

2009 Endgame: I directed, produced and helped design a production of Samuel Beckett’s ‘Endgame’ which was staged during the Wits’ Arts & Literature Experience (WALE)

2008 Parkview Video Store: I worked part-time at the video store. My duties included managing the shop, cashing up and cataloguing DVD’s.

2008 KLM Arts Management: We assisted Wits Theatre in hosting the first Bafundi Film & TV Festival. The festival was the first national student film festival. KLM assisted in raising funds, hosting the event and we ran the marketing campaign.

2008 Anowa: Stage manager on the Wits Production of Anowa. Directed by Sarah Matchett

2008 The Man In The Bowler Hat: Bowler Hat Productions’ first play which was staged for an exclusive Wits Drama Audience. I directed the production as well as produced.

2008 Crave: I acted in a Masters Student’s production of Sarah Kane’s ‘Crave’. Directed by Roger Lambert.

2008 Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead: I acted in the Wits Production. Directed by Greg Homann.

2008 Bang Bang: Co-wrote and directed a play based on the Bang Bang Club. The show was originally staged at Wits Orientation Week. We then took the play to The Grahamstown National Arts Festival as an independent production.

2007 KLM Arts Management: My company, KLM Arts Management, organised and directed street performers for The Starfish Foundation’s event, Visa’s Long Long Long Table.

2007 Romeo and Juliet: I acted in the Wits production of Romeo and Juliet. Directed by Warona Seane

2007 Stage Manager for Mute Echoes: I was stage manger for a Wits Theatre Physical Theatre production. As stage manger I was in charge of schedules, costumes, props, actors, crew and managing the theatre during the run.

2006 Barefoot Productions: Barefoot Productions put on an outdoor performance of A Midsummer’s Night Dream which I acted in. The production had a run at The Grahamstown National Arts Festival.

2006 Much Ado About Nothing: I acted in the Wits production of Much Ado About Nothing. Directed by Sarah Roberts

2006 The Crucible: I acted in the Wits production of The Crucible. Directed by Greg Homann.

2006 Urban Skywalkers: Part time holiday employment

My duties included filing and general administration. I had the task of data capturing from records at The Star for a report for Urban Skywalkers.

2006 PA to Zackie Achmat: Personal assistant to Zackie during his three month stay in Johannesburg

As Zackie’s assistant I was expected to maintain his schedule and organise his meetings. This included organising transport. I was in charge of dealing with his emails and telephone calls.

2003 – 2005 Lisa Thornton Inc: Part time holiday employment

My duties involved filing, faxing, photocopying and general secretarial work. This included re-organising Ms Thornton’s personal filing system.

2003 – 2005 Douglas and Velcich: Part-time holiday employment

My duties included filing, faxing, photocopying and general secretarial work. During this period I also assisted the pay-roll clerk and with the preparation of VAT returns.

Dec 2003 Clockwise Restaurant: I worked as waiter, which included cashing up duties

2003 – 2004 Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research (WISER): My duties involved filing and general administrative duties for Prof Liz Walker. During 2003, I assisted with the preparations for the WISER international *** and Secrecy Conference. My duties involved organising accommodation for international visitors at the University, providing general hospitality services, preparation of visitor packs, and general administrative support to the conference organiser.
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