Urika Ramseur

Freelance Multimedia Freelancer & Business Developer

Location:Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Website: http://goddessmedia.co
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Email: mobileappmakr@gmail.com

Professional Profile
Objective: My objective is to explore my passion as publisher and mobile app developer. I am the author of a published book. I aspire to work steadily for a stable news, marketing or PR Firm. Emphasis on Web Technologies in multi-media platforms. I would like to demonstrate my skills as a visionary, publisher and creative leader. Ultimately, I would like to bring my knowledge and expertise to a team of worthy professionals. My knowledge in business as an entrepreneur and licensed Professional spans over 16 years.

My attributes; self starter, leader, quick learner, easily adaptable. I keep a positive attitude at all times. True visionary, inspiration to others and team player.

Professional Background; Licensed Real Estate Broker (Sales and Acquisitions) 16 years. Currently, a publisher and certified apple developer and android developer.
I Have acquisition experience: recently wrote a proposal for sponsorship/funding that was accepted by the largest internet platform worldwide for funding. Have written business plans. Have written a prospectus for a company to offer shares to the public, known as ' taking a company public'.
As a publisher I have mastered the latest media technologies. I use all media platforms to reach goals. I have developed mobile applications, marketed and advertised them in multi-media platforms. These applications are advertised through apple itunes market, android markets as well as various mobile browsers for free or at cost. In addition, I monetize the content of the mobile app. Create mobile display ads to promote a brand or product. I use social media to promote mobile advertisements and other media; twitter, facebook, digg, tumblr, linkedin, delicious, blogger, foursquare & more.
I also incorporate internet optimized press releases into every campaign. Also place the press release in over 100 related website blogs and online news papers.
Create a massive targeted list through mobile banners.
Mastered email marketing campaigns to promote brand awareness, sell products and services.
I have coordinated in a timely manner; proposals, business plans and a prospectus for a company to offer shares to the public, known as ' taking a company public'.
Experience with power point presentations.

2 years experience developing, producing and publishing digital media content as a Publisher. I am a certified apple developer and android developer.
I believe that success is in the fine details and being organized.
I love getting tasks done in a timely manner and working with awesome people.
I have excellent verbal and written presentation skills
As a Publisher, first digital content was the http://Goddessmedia.co website June of 2010. Second content published was the book titled Myth Behind Foreclosure, Wall Street, Big Banks and You! Third work, series of digital content published to newsrooms as press releases. Subsequiential works of content published were a series websites, blogs, social network and news. Published a PC downloadable internet toolbar that can be downloaded onto any ones computer, which contains links to the targeted brand. Since early 2011 my concentration has been on the mobile media market. Publishing advertisements to mobile devices, publishing mobile applications, publishing packages for businesses to promote their brands and monetize on their mobile applications through mobile
I am proficient in all Microsoft software programs. All adobe software programs. Favorites are InDesign (similar to Photoshop) and Word 2007. I have worked with Adobe Dream Weaver CS4 revealed, Adobe Photoshop CS4 revealed, Adobe Illustrator CS4 revealed, Adobe Indesign CS4 revealed.
Proficient with Google analytic tools, adword, webmaster tools.
I have mastered twitter & facebook as well as various other social media platforms; I know how to maximize their potentials in the areas of monetization and marketing.

References Upon request. Samples of Published Content Upon request
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Business Development