Brendan Ryan

Freelance Website Designer & Graphic Designer

Location:Seward, Alaska, United States
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My name is Brendan Ryan and I'm a Web Designer who is currently freelancing out of Seward, Alaska. I'm a big fan of working with businesses to help create aesthetically pleasing websites that also achieve a desired level of functionality with ease. I've also heard tell that I am generally considered a pretty affable person, so I do everything I can to make working with other people a comfortable, fun, and low-stress experience.

For a small business in Alaska —or anywhere for that matter - I believe that a good, current, professionally presented website is one of the basic core components of any healthy and growing enterprise. I've witnessed this in my own business, and I've helped other businesses increase their share of the market by designing smart, targeted websites.

Most of my recent work has been developed around the open source Content Management System (CMS) known as Drupal. Chances are you've heard of, or are familiar with Wordpress, another CMS that is commonly used today. Drupal is similar to Wordpress in many ways, but it allows for a much higher level of customization and a huge amount of latitude in the types of websites that can be created on the platform. Basic business websites, e-commerce sites, networking sites, blogs, ogre-watching forums — Drupal provides a framework for just about anything imaginable online. But the best part is that once the site is created, it's you, the client, that maintains it. This means a lower overall cost and a more current, frequently maintained website. You have control over the content on your website.

I'm well versed in the Adobe Design Suite, I'm an HTML and CSS veteran, and I can certainly work my way around basic jQuery and PHP. If you have a basic static website you want to make, that's easy, let me know! If you want a more versatile solution with a CMS, that's what I really enjoy! If you are a studio or firm that needs some front-end freelance done, don't hesitate to ring me up. My rates are affordable and I work at a pretty assiduous pace.
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