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Adam Smith

Freelance Cartoonist & Drawer

Location:Kansas City, Missouri, United States
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Hello, my name is Adam Smith. I am a student of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online Division. I just started collage about a year ago. I am going to be going into Media Arts and Animation for my major. As an artist in training I have to say that I am varied in a lot of forms of art. I draw, I 3D model, and I animate some of those models. I have just recently started working on skills in Concept art, as well. I have also dabbled in a bit of music, but I am still no where near professional. My hopes and dreams are to be able to work in a large industry as an animation artist. I love imagining what something would look like in a game, movie, or television if I were to be apart of the animation team. Thank you for taking the time to read this my bio here. If you pick me I will do everything in my power to make you not regret choosing me for your team.
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