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Location:Cape Coral, Florida, United States
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Expertise: Web Content | SEO/Keywords | Blogging | How-To Articles | Reviews
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* Maximize clients' profits by naturally integrating keywords for maximum search engine optimization, which significantly increases unique visits, total page views, and average duration of visit.
* Authored 1,000+ articles and 300+ pages of content as a freelance contributor and ghostwriter.
* Proficient in Microsoft Word and with Wordpress blogging platform, familiar with HTML.


| Owner and Writer |
Provides several private clients, including large and small businesses, with relevant, timely content. Manages a small team of writers and edits work to exact specifications before submitting to clients.

Writing clip from: Why Do You Need a Freelance Writer?
If you have a business in 2012, you probably need a Web presence. Even if you own a little mom-and-pop type store in a small town, your customers would most likely appreciate being able to check your website to find out when you're open, what you sell, and maybe a little bit about you or the history of your store. Whether you are a store-owner, a doctor, a plumber, or a tutor, you could experience an influx of new clients if you have a well-written site. If you already have a site, you need to keep it updated. Placing relevant, timely, and accurate articles or blog posts on your home-on-the-Internet keeps people coming back. Your potential clients will appreciate knowing that what they read on your website is up-to-date and full of good information. When the time comes for them to hire someone in your line of business, guess whom they'll call?

CLARIITY -- 2010 to 2011
| Contributing Blogger |
Offers advice to empower families with young children to make informed decisions about life and family finances.

Writing clip from: Why Are You Homeschooling?
Many homeschooling parents fall in love with the individualized education that homeschooling offers their children. If a child is a math whiz who is a late bloomer when it comes to reading, homeschooling can accommodate that. A kid who lives and breathes dinosaurs can read books, watch documentaries, and visit natural history museums to his heart's content without being told, "we'll study that next year," or "we're done studying this topic, and it's time to work on something new now."

PRIVATE CLIENTS -- 2009 to Present
| Freelance Writer / Blogger |

Writing clip from: Tough Interview Questions
Do not walk into a job interview without having some questions prepared for the interviewer. Answering, "I think I'm all set!" to this question tells your interviewer that you did not come prepared to find out all you could about the company. Don't ask about benefits or scheduling unless you were actually offered the job. Stick to asking questions about the office or department itself. Ask how many people work in the department, advancement opportunities, or who your immediate supervisor would be. If all of your questions really have been answered, ask when you can expect to hear back about the position, or whether your interviewer would like a list of references.

"I was worried that I wouldn't find anyone capable and trustworthy. I am so happy Michelle came into my life and proved that my uneasiness was completely unnecessary. She is a rockstar!" -- Comment from a current client

TYPE F.COM / DEMAND MEDIA, INC -- 2010 to 2011
| Freelance Writer |
Topics include beauty, fashion, health and current trends.

Writing clip from: Skin Care Rituals That Do More Harm Than Good
Have you heard that tanning, either in the sun or in a tanning bed, will make it less likely that you'll get a painful and dangerous sunburn? That's a common misconception, but nothing could be further from the truth: Even a light tan is evidence that your skin has been damaged by the sun or tanning lights. Sure, you may like how it looks now, but you won't like it later when wrinkles make their appearance early. You can also raise your risk of skin cancer by tanning. If you like a bronze glow, try a spray-on self-tanner instead.

| Freelance Writer |
Topics include health information such as news on diseases, symptoms, drugs, treatments, diet, nutrition, fitness, weight loss, and other health concerns.

Writing clip from: High Blood Pressure Treatment
High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a common condition that affects most people at some point. High blood pressure can be caused by the thickening or hardening of your arteries. Sometimes, kidney problems or congenital defects can cause high blood pressure. Some factors that can contribute to hypertension include obesity, a lack of exercise, severe stress and a diet that includes too much salt. High blood pressure can be very serious, especially if it is allowed to go on uncontrolled for many years.If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, you will need to work closely with your doctor to keep it under control. Fortunately, there are medications and lifestyle changes that can lower your high blood pressure.

"I was pleasantly surprised by how exceptionally Michelle surpassed my expectations, and am looking forward to working with her again." -- Comment from a current client

EHOW -- 2008 to 2010
| Freelance Writer |
Online how-to guide with more than 1.5 million articles and 80 million visitors per month.

Writing clip from: How to Treat the Flu
Stay home. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends staying home and avoiding contact with others to prevent spreading the illness. It advises waiting at least 24 hours after your fever has gone down before resuming any activities outside of the house if at all possible. If you must go out to buy medication or to see a doctor, wear a face mask if you have one.

"Michelle was a pleasure to work with. Not only did she communicate well to ensure she understood the directions, but she also did a phenomenal job." -- Comment from a current client

WE BUILD PAGES -- 2008 to 2009
| Freelance Writer |
Internet marketing company specializing in link building services and SEO content creation.

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Topics of expertise include parenting (homeschooling, discipline issues, breastfeeding, attachment parenting), careers (resumes, cover letters, interview preparation, social media), health (disease/illness information, dieting, medications, treatments, dental topics), and household management (budgeting, organization).


Front Desk Manager / Promoted from Dental Assistant -- Advanced Endodontics, Meriden, CT
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