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Rodger Bliss

Freelance Music Producer & Radio Producer

Location:Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Phone: 616-458-1920
2 Skills
1979 - 2007- Present: Image Audio - Mastering & Recording Engineer/Producer

• Designed, built, installed, own, and operate Image Audio Mastering, LLC, a facility offering the highest quality Recording and Mastering environment in West Michigan
• Mastered a variety of Vinyl albums, CDs, and online delivery files for a wide range of artists including Christian, Country, Classical, Jazz, Various types of Rock, Blues, and Rap
• Create original music packages and soundtracks for advertisers
• Provide creative development services for various advertising and marketing firms, and corporate communications departments, advising clients on talent, music, and SFX selections
• Produce and direct the weekly Frontlines of Freedom radio program
• Process forensic and audio enhancement for police agencies including several local as well as cold case analysis for the Michigan State Police
• Supply voice talent through ISDN connectivity to and from a multitude of recording studios throughout the county, including Chrysler, Verizon, Charmin, Subway, and McDonalds
• Location recording and Audio Post Production for Film and Video
• Re-Recording Mixing & Supervising Sound Editor

1979 RCS Recording Engineer/Producer

• Owned and Operated River City Studio’s, Studio B.
• Managed in partnership River City Studios, Ltd.. Responsibilities included specification, evaluation, and purchase of hardware (audio and computer), software, and materials
• Established standards of operation for Studio’s audio recording and computer systems
• Designed several control rooms and their sound stages, cabling, and acoustic treatments
• Specified equipment, directed construction, and supervised all aspects of the installation and voicing of the rooms to NAB standards
• Managed installation of interfaces involving thousands of connections between outboard, patch-bays, mixing consoles, multi-track recorders, workstations and mikes utilizing all necessary protocols
• Created the first digital multi-track ProTools studio in West Michigan
• Worked with National artists including AC/DC, Aerosmith, and Shadowfax
• Recorded several national and state politicians and corporate CEO’s and presidents
• Administered production of 60 children’s Book-cassette masters for Houghton-Mifflin Publishing, of which, 3 were submitted for Gammy nomination in the spoken word category
• Managed a 5 year ongoing project for Christian Reformed Board of Publication involving thousands of mastered components. These were produced to supplement weekly Sunday school instruction for eight grade levels, each over a 2 year period containing fully-casted stories with music and sound effects, recording and mixing original and traditional songs, and audio supplements for class activities
• Directed, produced, edited, and mastered thousands of instructional, music, and broadcast promotional campaigns and productions for clients ranging from Houghton-Mifflin, General Motors, and Meijer, to local advertising agencies and retailers

• Chief Engineer
• 22 Years experience digital audio recording, editing, and mastering
• 28 Years experience in sound design, engineering, and producing
• Radio and television advertising soundtracks (over 20,000)
• Video-sync sound for post-production including music, Foley, and dialog replacement
• Scores for corporate video and slide presentations
• Hundreds of Musical tracks for albums, cassettes, and compact discs
• Location Recording for classical masters, audio for video, and corporate interviews
• Customized sound effects tracks for CD-ROM and video post-production
• Won numerous Addy Awards and finaled for Grammy nomination (Spoken Word category)
• Project Coordination ranging to dozens of voice talents and thousands of audio components

• The Recording Connection Audio and Music Institute
• Audio recording techniques for private students
• ***’t. Instructor, G.V.S.U., Comm. 485 (Audio III) A course I aided in the development of as the resident professional, for students majoring in fields involving radio, TV, and multimedia production, which demonstrates through active participation, the techniques available in a professional recording studio.