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Rick Natkin

Freelance Screenwriter & Creative Writer

Location:San Diego, California, United States
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I am new to FREELANCED – but in the Writers Guild since before the Bears won a Super Bowl. What makes me a “good” writer? I'm never bored. Anything can interest me. And I can make my interest contagious. Good writing has a solid voice, and a point of view. Talent is only the first step. The hard work takes craft, experience, discipline. Demand the best from yourself. And listen to your readers. If it ain’t on the page for them, you better sit back down and keep typing, Bud. My background? Screenplays, mostly. Feature films, TV movies, mini-series, episodic TV. A dozen produced films, over 100 paid script gigs. Comedy, Action, Drama, War, Crime, Thrillers, Capers, Romance. Stong on humor and offbeat characters. Fiction: short stories, novels, copywriting, research, promotion & publicity stuff. Am I right for your project? Let’s talk and figure it out. If it isn’t something I can do well, I’m the first to say so. But if I tell you I can deliver, nobody will do it better.
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Creative Writing