Galina F

Freelance Russian Translator & Legal Translator

Location:Virginia, United States
2 Skills
Native language: Russian
Working languages: English, French
Citizenship: Russian Federation; Permanent Resident of USA (Green card holder)
GMT: +05:00

Software: Trados 2011, 2014
Fields of specalization: Legal (general, contract law), Technical (space, aviation, general, civil engineering/construction), tourism and travel, marketing and advertising


1.) 1991 - 1996 State Teachers' Training University – Blagoveshchensk, Russia; faculty of Foreign Languages, specializing in French with additional emphasis in the Russian and English language. 5 years, equivalent to Master of Arts in Language Teaching. *** laude.
2.) 1997 - 1998 Financial and Economic College – Blagoveshchensk, Russia, specializing in jurisprudence and Russian judicial law. Equivalent to Associate degree in Legal studies
3.) 2000 Financial and Economic College – Blagoveshchensk, Russia: accounting.
4.) 2007 Moscow State University of Lomonossov, English.
5.) 2010 H & R Block, Newport News, USA: tax preparers courses.

Work experience:

August 2011 – Present: full-time freelance translator, specialized in English and French into Russian legal and technical translation.

November 2010 – August 2011: part-time freelance translator, specialized in English and French into Russian legal and technical translation.

November 2010 – August 2011: Xooma Worldwide. Bilingual international coordinator and translator/interpreter:
- translation of legal and business related documentation (agreements, internal corporation documents, patents (chemistry and medicine related information), business correspondence, advertising materials (promotions, descriptions of new products and incentives);
- interpretation included business meetings of the Company's management with Russian customers and business partners as well as web-conferences held between Russian customers and American patent holders, doctors, nutritional specialists concerning medical properties of nutritional additions, their effects on body and success in maladies treatment.

April 2007 – November 2010: full time freelance translator, specialized in English and French into Russian legal and technical translation.

2003 – March 2007: Teledyne Systems Limited. Human resources division. I held a position of oversight concerning company labor laws and enforcement. (Drafting of personnel labor agreements and their timely renewal or termination, personnel record keeping, maintenance of files, agreements, record keeping of documentation related to the work safety, composition and mailing of correspondence, creation of spreadsheets and databases, use of specialized software)

2000-2002 The Bible League, Amur Regional Community Organization. Maintained a position as secretary for the Far Eastern office as well as legal attorney and clerk of the personnel department. (Presentation of current activity reports in English to the main office, interaction with missionaries, churches concerning the timely presentation of their reports, greeting customers and distributing the products, etc.)

1999 - 2000 Evangelical Christian Baptist Church of Blagoveshchensk Revival. Maintained a position as accountant, legal attorney, secretary and clerk of the church's personnel department (bookkeeping, presentation of tax declarations to the tax authorities, representation of the Church interests in different government authorities, interaction with different organizations concerning the daily functioning of the Church; personnel record keeping etc.).

1998 – 1999 Law Firm Airon: jurisconsult (representation of clients’ interests in law courts, state registration of legal entities, filling out of different legal forms)

1997 - 1998 State Teachers’ Training University – Blagoveshchensk, Russia: assistant lecturer. (French, French literature, text analyze, Latin)

Additional experience and skills: experienced user of the main MS Office applications, touch-typing in English, French, Russian.

My recent accomplished projects involve

Consecutive interpretation:

Legal/technical (aviation): January 2012 on behalf of Link Translations (6 hours)

English - Russian
Contracts: Distributorship contract, Insurance contract, Contracts on forwarding service, Supply contract, Loan agreement, Apprenticeship agreement, Additional agreement to the Contract of employment, Contract of purchase of three jack up rigs and a Power of attorney, Distributorship agreement and others;
Website content for one translation agency specialized in legal translation ( );
Special conditions of agreement for joint industrial research and development projects (gas field)
Development projects appraisal report (gas field)

French – Russian
Business terms of a commercial center building construction;
Documentation on the transfer price, the rendering of intragroup services;
Procurement procedure;
General conditions of sale of the equipment;
Contract for the sale of property for future completion;
Promise of sale contract

English – Russian
European Standard EN 474-3:2006 Earth-moving machinery - Safety - Part 3: Requirements for loaders
ISO 9247 Earth-moving machinery — Electrical wires and cables — Principles of identification and marking
International Standard ISO 2330 Fork-lift trucks — Fork arms — Technical characteristics and testing
International Standard ISO 10533 Earth-moving machinery — Lift-arm support devices
Technical plan of a Dry Process Cement Production Line
Technical descriptions and manuals of construction road machines (chip sealer, asphalt paver, EOT crane)
Amine package equipment description

French – Russian
Technical catalogue of transformers
Materials for the web-site of a company specializing in industrial simulations