John Foreman

Freelance Ghostwriter & Book Writer

Location:Woodruff, Wisconsin, United States
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I have always been told that I have a great ability to write. From 5th Grade in Elementary School all the way through my jobs, writing has been my most successful tool for my accomplishments. Shooting straight from the hip, I want to write for your Organization because I need to make money and would love to have the opportunity to turn writing into a career. C'mon now, to get paid to do something that you enjoy?

I don't have any braggable rights for experience towards writing in this style. Throughout school, growing up reading hundreds upon hundreds of books that were thrillers/mysteries. Short stories I wrote by hand, long ones by laptop computer. I have fun when I write, people that have read my work are telling me that I should be a writer and write things for them. They start gushing and beaming to whoever they want to listen, about how well I write.

I believe that what makes my writing stand out is my ability to connect with the Reader's emotions and draw them into the story where my words are engineered to influence them to never stop reading until it is finished. My writing comes from the heart and soul. When I write, I don't act it, I live it and believe in it.
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