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Tony Bothel

Freelance Drawer & Painter

Location:Dallas, Texas, United States
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My religious name is Br. Raphael Joseph Mary of the Eternal Fiat

but just call me Brother Raphael. ^_^ My Legal name is Anthony Christopher Bothel (or Tony Bothel).

I'm an american Benedictine Monk of Divine Will in final vows (living at a Monastery in the Le Marche region of Italy close to the country of San Marino.). I'm not sure that everybody realizes that there are Catholic monks, but there have been all the way back to Nazareth. If anyone wants to know about our charism you can check out our website and fb. Or you could also just look up "Benedictine monk" or "St.Benedict" and you'll find some interesting stuff, they have been going since the 500's. Also you can check out Luisa Piccarreta, the Divine Will and Littleness & Spiritual Childhood (St. Therese of Liseux).

Also I'm an artist, just as a hobby really but it has been a very fulfilling and healing hobby. I've been realizing also the philosophic and psychological benefits of art. It helps me to express myself especially when I find the words hard to say. I'm pretty introverted by nature, always thinking in a very analytical, symbolic and deep way, and without art I would still live in that frustration of misunderstanding. Art breaks beyond the barriers of Language and culture and unites human beings in solidarity and joy. Of course this happens in a much more real way because we share in the creativity of the one true Creator.

Ah yes, well I've lived in Italy for quite some time now and I've found the culture to be really enriching, opening the mind to fresh new prospectives and all the beautiful history here. Although I do miss Cheddar Cheese, and Mexican food and Japanese food and other random foods that aren't italian foods *drool* lol

Also I'm pretty introverted by nature. According to some Myers Briggs tests I did I'm an INTJ. And probably an HSP (high sensitive person) despite the fact that I keep in large part my feelings inside, now I am trying to express them through art though. So yeah, I do have an interest in Psychology, especially personality theory (I emphasis theory because it is. It's not about labeling but understanding each other better, even ourselves. And there are always exceptions, certain events and situations in life can go beyond the definitions given and every soul is unique and lovable. We should not allow personality theory to limit us or hinder us from going beyond for the Divine Will.)

Anyways, that's all for now. Stay little and in-between the two hearts of Jesus and Mary united with the most pure Heart of St. Joseph in the Divine Will! PAX
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