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I'm a music producer / sound designer / sound & mixing engineer with over 10 years experience. I have a degree in Music Technology and a comprehensive recording studio with a full suite of audio tools, synth's / FX and pro audio gear.

I want to offer my freelance services to any musicians out there wanting a demo CD , album or any piece of music professionally mixed & mastered. Optional music production, vocal pitch and timing correction plus sound design can be done if wanted. My mixing & mastering will give your recording that final polish & clarity. I can boost your volume levels to those heard on commercially released CD's. Although be aware that too much boosting can completely destroy any volume dynamics of a song. There's two different schools of thought in the industry right now and it's being touted "The Loudness Wars" If you know what I'm talking about and have a preference then please tell me otherwise I'll use my experience to strike the right balance.

My prices are fair and undercut the companies out there offering the same thing. I will take on any music genre successfully although my own musical roots lie much more with dance music / electronica. Progressive House & Trance to be precise.

Ideally you will need to send audio files of all the separate parts of your track (These are called stems) So I need separate stems from your bass, leads, vocals...etc. Drums loops should be separated onto different stems where possible, if its a real drum kit and none electronic it should have been recorded like this anyway. I can then mix and master this for you.

If I don't get stems and just a single audio file (Mixdown) of the track just bear in mind that it limits what can be achieved somewhat. In which case I could only do final mastering which adds a lot of polish to the track and some volume optimisation. However much more can be achieved with professional mixing and multi-track mastering from stems before hand.

I am based in the UK and have lots of time on my hands so can work to fairly tight deadlines if need be.

All masters will be produced to 16bit 44khz Red Book CD standard.


£120 Professional Mixing & Multi-track Mastering (Up to 48 audio channels / stems). For a more complex piece of music totaling more than 48 audio channels an additional £10 per audio channel / stem will be charged.

£40 Final Mastering of a single audio file (No more than 4 Hours Charged)

TOTAL = £160 per piece of music

OPTIONAL: Additional Music Production / Vocal Pitch & Timing Correction / Sound Design / Drum Correction and Production = £100 (Per piece of music)

I will consider an album 8 music tracks or more in which case I can give you a discount of 25%

Normal turn-around time for my work is no more than one week after your material is received. Although if I'm not busy it will be completed faster than this.

I will send confirmation that your material is received. Once work is completed I will send you a download link for the mastered work.

So if you are interested then please get in touch. If you have any questions feel free to ask, you will find me polite and helpful.

Kind Regards

Paul Denby
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