El Wenche Winlove

Freelance Animator & Digital Artist

Location:Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom
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I am a multi media artist.
I tell stories by using a range of different media to look at things from different perspectives and to describe a range of emotions.
I am interested and inspired by observing other people, myself and our behaviour.
My research often ends with stories that I sometimes tell, and sometimes only use as a source for my work.
These stories challenges the behaviour I found by using humour which again works as a ‘door - opener’ for the observer to get into my work.
Laughter and humour frees people’s mind. Even though the work can be challenging, the humour makes it easier to digest.

The media I work within has different ‘personalities’ and I usually find it easiest to start with paintings to describe the emotions in the story. While doing this, other ideas turns up, be it ideas for animation films, installations, performances, writings, videos or music.
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Digital Art