Freelance Multimedia Freelancer & Videographer

Location:Grand Prairie, Texas, United States
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Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Media Arts Graduation Date: May 2008
Concentration: Journalism (Print & Broadcast)

The HistoryMakers October 2010-Present
Freelance Production Assistant Chicago, Illinois
* Unload lighting, video and audio equipment from delivery trucks
* Set up lighting, video and audio equipment for taped production on stage
* Arrange various props onstage
* Strike all props and equipment from stage after taping
* Pack up all used equipment in proper storage compartments
* Load lighting, video and audio equipment back onto delivery trucks

Chicago Access Network (CAN-TV) January 2010-Present
Certified Freelance Producer Chicago, Illinois
* Produce, shoot and edit on location videos on a weekly basis
* Submit produced shows for airing on CAN-TV
* Work on production crew of other CAN-TV certified freelance producers for their project

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church February2010-Present
Media Ministry Leader Chicago, Illinois
* In charge of all things media related with the church
* Videotape Sunday Morning Service every week
* Operate sound board during service
* Edit church services and events every week
* Submit videos to CAN-TV for airing at least 3-4 times a month
* Responsible for duplicating and distributing DVDs to the congregation
* Design and up keep of the church’s website and Facebook page

Star Planet TV ( April 2009-November 2009
Video Editor/Graphic Designer/Production Technician Chicago, Illinois
* Edited video footage
* Operated studio and handheld cameras
* Operated audio switch board
* Operated camera switchboard during taping
* Acted as technical director during taping
* Performed floor director function for taping
* Set up and strike sets for productions
* Create graphic design animations for commercials
* Made DVD dubs for clients post production

CW Atlanta69/Focus Atlanta January 2008-May 2008
Production Intern Atlanta, Georgia
* Booked guests for TV show “Focus Atlanta”
* Handheld camera operation
* Edited video footage
* Returned PR phone calls
* Grip for live taping
* Arranged tapes by date received and air data
* Dumped spots to beta for production and airing
* Logged and viewed incoming tapes
* Viewed and censored satellite packages
* Performed floor director function for show
* Made DVD dubs for clients post production
* Shot and edited Public Service Announcements

Rec Shop Enterprises October 2007-June 2008
Camera Crew/Video Editor Atlanta, Georgia
* Completed 30 min documentary
* Responsible for taping functions and events
* Edit video footage for online media
* Assist with marketing department

Atlanta Association of Black Journalists “In Contact” TV Show October 2007-October 2008
Producer/Production Assistant Atlanta, Georgia
* Produce shows
* Show guest relations
* Assist in setting up and breaking down of set

CNN/Turner January 2007-April 2007
Strategic Marketing Intern Atlanta, Georgia
* Prepared award worthy CNN shows/segments for submissions to various award committees
* Conducted library searches for award worthy shows/segments
* Made beta and digital beta dubs from air checks
* Pulled air checks of shows (Newsnight, Paula Zahn Now, etc.)
* Collaborated with show contacts to gather support materials for submissions
* Organized and shipped award entries’ videotapes and support materials for submission.
* Uploaded videos, pictures and data onto CNN’s Intranet Awards Database
* Filed completed award entry forms
* Labeled office folders
* General office duties: copies, faxes, phone calls, office errands, etc

Illinois Arts Council (IAC) June 2006-August 2006
Marketing & Public Relations Assistant/Receptionist Chicago, Illinois
* Recorded inventory of the all workrooms
* Completed large mailings for IAC Artlinks and local artists
* Set up and completed the database for Illinois Arts Week 2006 Calendar of Events
* Completed research projects and reports
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