William White

Freelance Word Processing Freelancer & Article Writer

Location:Baltimore, Maryland, United States
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William White
1850 Graymount Way
Edgewood, MD 21040

Objective: To gain additional work experience.

Education: Graduate of Lafayette High School in Williamsburg, VA with a GPA of 3.1 or higher and an Advanced Studies Diploma.

Work Experience:

Suite 101.com

Job Title(s):
Freelance Writer


Do research on a topic or topics of my choice and then publish articles from my research or personal experience.

United Pest Control

Job Title(s):
Pest Control Technician


Go on pest control service calls and do full inspections of the property including the crawlspace, garage, exterior of the home and at times the attic. I then reported what my findings were to the homeowner and then explained causes of the problem(s) and the solutions and how the solutions work. I walked the homeowner through what I was doing and why I was doing it. I then collected payment and reported back to my company’s office. Some of the inspections that I was responsible for were: Termite inspections on slabs and crawlspaces, mold and fungus inspections in crawlspaces, powder post beetle inspections in crawlspaces. I also did mold and fungus sub-floor sprays when necessary in crawlspaces.

Wyndham Vacation Resorts

Job Title(s):

Maintenance Technician


Maintain the 3 outdoor pools by checking the chemical levels daily, vacuuming any leaves, dirt or other debris that may have ended up in the pools, paint walls, patch holes in walls, change out burnt out light bulbs, keep walkways free of snow and ice. I was able to go beyond the call of duty to help guests during my employment by answering questions that weren’t always maintenance related.

Residence Inn by Marriott

Job Title(s):
Maintenance Technician

Resolve any guests’ problems in the field of maintenance such as a blown light bulb, missing remote, broken closet door, etc. to ensure that the guest(s) were pleased during their stay. I also helped to maintain the outdoor swimming pool by doing hourly tests of the chemical levels in the water everyday. I also did in depth room cleanings whenever things were in slow season.


Job Title(s):
Insurance Consultant

Cold call on businesses and set appointments to discuss supplemental insurance plans, return at the set date and time and sell the insurance policies.

Kingsmill Resort

Job Title(s):

Answer inbound phone calls as well as make outbound phone calls, suggest vacation packages, sell vacation packages. I was also responsible for mailing out reservation confirmation letters.


Job Title(s):
Crew Person
Crew Trainer
Shift Manager

Open/close the store, maintain a customer friendly atmosphere, manage a crew of 10-15 people, cook and prepare various types of food, clean dishes, sweep and wipe down surfaces.

Pesticide Applicator License as of 2/2008 Virginia
Commercial Applicator License as of 8/2009 Virginia
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Word Processing
Article Writing