Pierre Tasse

Freelance Technical Writer & Manual Writer

Location:Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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B Admin, CD, plsc, P Log
134 Grenadier Drive
Kingston, Ontario K7K 6E9

Home: (613) 549-4842 E-Mail: Pierre.tasse@gmail.com

Bachelor of Administration Degree Canadian Military College, 1984
Quantitative Analysis Algonquin College, Ottawa, 2000
Management Operations Algonquin College, Ottawa, 1998
Business of Transportation Algonquin College, Ottawa, 1997
Management Principles Algonquin College, Ottawa, 1996
Project Management Algonquin College, Ottawa, 1995


Photoshop CS4 level 1 and 2 (St Lawrence College 2010)
Global Supply Chain Strategy (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA 2009)
Staff Relations for Supervisors (Training and Development Canada, 2004)
Introduction to Human Resources (Training and Development Canada, 2003)
Introduction to Procurement (Training and Development Canada, 2002)
Joint Staff Operations Course (Canadian Forces Base Kingston. 2002)
Military Presiding Officer’s Course (Canadian Forces Base Kingston, 2001)
Harassment Investigator's Course (Canadian Forces Base Kingston, 2000)
Inventory Management (APICS-CPIM-Certified 2000)
United Nations Logistics Course (Canadian Forces School of Logistics 1999)
Customer Focused Diagnostics Course (Cdn Professional Logistician Course 1999)
Basics of Supply (APICS-CPIM-Certified 1999)
Professional Ethics (Cdn Professional Logistician Course 1999)
49th Material Handling Course (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA 1999)
World-Class Warehousing Course (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA 1999)
Managing the Supply Chain (McGill Executive Institute, Mtl, Qué 1998)
Just In Time (APICS-CPIM-Certified 1994)
Systems and Technologies (APICS 1993)
Finance Officer's Course (Canadian Forces School of Logistics 1993)
Canadian Land Forces Staff Course (Command & Staff College, Kingston, 1992)
General Safety Occupational Health Crse (Ottawa Federal Study Centre 1991)
Total Quality Leadership (Concepts & practices, Kingston, Ont 1991)

Kingston. Ontario
Directorate of Army Doctrine
2004 – 2011

- Operated as part of a military Army team that writes doctrine. My main focus was in the sustainment of deployed operations.

-Worked in a team environment
-Provided guidance to other organizations on Army sustainment matters
-Attended logistic meetings (both in Canada and abroad)
-took notes and provided back briefings
-Performed editing and limited formatting duties when preparing documents for publication
-Produced drafts for Army Sustainment publications
-Reviewed drafts for other publications from a logistics perspective
-Attended National and international working groups (NATO/ABCA)

Achievements: I was awarded the B Comd’s Commendation in 2005 and the B Comd’s coin in 2006-for performance in organizing and conducting the St Lawrence Cup (an international golf tournament)

J4: Material Management Distribution (2001-2003)
Canadian Forces Base Kingston
Officer Commanding Support Services (2003 – 2004)

-Deployed to OP Apollo for Operation Enduring Freedom as Liaison Officer to Central Command Headquarters (CENTCOM) in Kuwait, for elements in Afghanistan (Oct 2001 – May 2002)
-Acted as part of Higher Control during a Domestic Joint Operational Exercise (Nov/Dec 2002)
-Deployed on as Technical Assistance Project expert to United Arab Emirates (Jan 2003 – Mar 2003)

-Appointed as the CFJOG (Formation) and JHQ (Unit) Ethics coordinator
-Reviewed and monitored Service Level Agreements at Base level
-Oversaw the administrative processes of managing a 125 person headquarters

Achievements: Was recognized as the top logistician in the JHQ and one of the top ten majors in the Joint Headquarters for 2001/2002. In 2002/2003 was recognized as the top logistician in the Joint Headquarters.

Integrated Logistics Officer
Canadian Forces, Base Kingston
1997 - 2001

- Performed the duties of a Base Supply Officer/Base Transportation Officer
- Overseeing the fleet efficiency to ensure customer satisfaction
- Recommending and enforcing approved policies for the base
- Performing as the coordinator for Official Languages for the Base
- Overseeing the log support for base and affiliated organizations
- Co-Chairing the Labor Management Committee Council and Health and Safety
- Assessing employees for occupational training and career progression
- Member of the Locally Shared Services Committee of Kingston

-Able to increase effectiveness of present resources
-Brought in private sector-recognized accreditation thereby developing employees and buying-in to new practices
-Able to develop Fleet Services Section through amalgamation of Transport and Maintenance services.

Resource Manager of Equipment Army Staff
National Defense Headquarters, Ottawa
1996 - 1997

- Coordinating action to ensure that the optimum utilization of available equipment meets requirements

Achievement: Was able to influence the positive decision for the devolution of funds for High Density/Low Cost vehicles

Director of Logistic Operations
Dwyer Hill Training Centre, CFB Ottawa
1993 - 1996

Responsible for the financial and budgeting aspects of the organization. Responsible also for the planning, implementation and inventory policy with respect to equipment management in providing support to a CF unit responsible for federal security operations and their related operational equipment.

- Ensuring precise, audible records for all materiel were maintained
- Overseeing the purchasing, receipting and issue of relevant material
- Ensuring stock levels were maintained and ensured its operational readiness
- Ensuring that sound accounting procedures were practiced
- Preparing annual budgets and initiated monthly information briefings
- Managing the operational and maintenance budget (4.2 million)
- Coordinating all maintenance, supply and transportation support for the unit
- Supervising engineering staff and coordinated all facility maintenance with the
Property Manager
- Liaison with other police forces to ensure continuity of logistic support

-Assisted in the logistic implementation of the Canadian Forces run Anti-Terrorist Unit and its transfer from the RCMP.
-Oversaw the transfer of the logistic components of the Counter Terrorist Unit from the RCMP to the Canadian Armed Forces
-Established the Logistical procedures in this new unit

Materiel Control Manager
Canadian Forces, Base Kingston
1990 - 1993
- Managing an organization of 102 personnel
- Supervised the budget (1.3 Million dollars)
- Co-chairing the Health and Safety Committee
- Presented various correspondence and technical reports in support of material management endeavors

Achievements: -Received, as Co-Chairperson of the Health and Safety Committee, A Certificate of Achievement on behalf of employees for not having a disabling accident for a year.
-Recognized as the United Way coordinator for Base Kingston and sat on the city of Kingston's executive committee for United Way

2 i/c Administration Company
Canadian Forces Base Valcartier, Québec
5ieme Bn des Svcs 1988 - 1990

- Managing eight different equipment inventories
- Establishing the administrative support tasks and set priorities
- Establishing and supervised a central logistic monitoring centre
- Performing all the above duties in the French language

2nd Royal Canadian Regiment, NB
1985 - 1988

Responsible for the planning, implementation and inventory policy for a material resource establishment responsible for providing support to 750 personnel and related operational equipment.

Achievement: -Planned and executed the logistical support for the 750 members on a major deployment in Norway (Ex Brave Lion 1986)

1973 - 1984 Holding positions of increasing responsibility across supply, training, staff and operational environments.
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Technical Writing
Manual Writing