JoAnna Richards

Freelance Creative Writer & Nature Photographer

Location:Brampton, Ontario, Canada
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I am a 32 year old mother of six. My interests include, although are not limited to: homemaking, natural healing, nutrition, spiritual counseling, homeschooling, homesteading and parenting. I have been writing and public speaking since high school. I have been published in one anthology. I have served as assistant editor of my college newspaper. In addition to this I served as the Editor of the publication, "Off Pique". I have a two year associate of arts degree. I opted out of university to pursue a career as a reservationist for northwest airlines. I did this mainly to take advantage of traval benefits. I enjoyed my work with Northwest. What I loved most was interacting with people. To me everything in life is worth a story. I met many stories whilst working for the airlines. I am currently most interested in writing about nutrition and natural healing, although I would be dedicated to researching and writing about almost anything. I enjoy learning new things, and any assighnment that presents itself challenging is especially enticing.