Bernardino Vergara

Freelance Drawer & Artist

Location:Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States
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I am now 21 years old and studying in college. My parents told me that when I was 3 years old, they usually find me outside the house playing in the mud. They warned me to go outside and told me to stay inside the house.I'd disarranged everything inside the house as what they have told me.Later, they were surprised that there were robots made of mud outside our house and there were different shapes formed out of teared papers inside our house. I started joining art competitions particularly the poster making contest when I was 6 years old. Later, are bigger opportunities such as painting, designing and anime competitions throughout the country. I did not win instantly just because of this talent but because I worked hard for it. In my free time, I used to have informal art lessons to children and friends for free. For me, if there is higher than talent then it is character. I discipline myself that art is not for boasting, it is for everybody regardless of who they are.
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