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Selah Vision

Freelance Mural Painter & Portrait Painter

Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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SelahVision - SOUL of the BRUSH, felt a true expression of art at an early age. Throughout years of
hard work he has developed into one of the most exquisite portrait, mural and abstract painters of the current day.
His display of energy through colors on canvas allows viewers to connect their reality and imagination. Sel’ah is
constantly commissioned nationwide and exudes professionalism with all of his clients. As an entrepreneur, teacher
and mentor he is devoted to showing promise, hope and love through his expression of art.

“The day my SOUL stops breathing life in my art, will be the day I paint no more.”

-SelahVision- SOUL of the BRUSH


Strong foundation in paintingand sculpture

(watercolor, acrylic, lead and chalk) drawing, composition and color, complemented by a creative and inquisitive nature

Track record of innovative and versatile leadership in community art association
Experienced in commissioned portraits, murals and other artwork


Bachelors of Arts (Visual Art)
*** Laude, 2001
Albany State University
Albany, Georgia


Fine Art – Commissioned Work
Successful completion of numerous commission pieces requiring skill, creativity and results that meet clients’ visions

-Art Education Teacher
Dougherty County Schools Art Educator
*Responsible for teaching middle grade students basic techniques of visual art
* Mentor, counsel and demonstrate how art can be used as a method of expression and healing.
-Ritz Cultural Performing Arts Center, Albany GA –After School Art Coordinator and Facilitator
*Organized annual children art exhibit
*Ongoing art education classes for children *Continuing Education classes for adults
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Mural Painting
Portrait Painting