Nick Duttweiler

Freelance Flash Designer & 3D Animator

Location:Phoenix, Arizona, United States
2 Skills
Seeking a position as a programmer or designer where I can utilize my ability to produce solid, efficient ActionScript code and my creative passion to help create exciting, ground-breaking Flash projects.

Facebook/Social Gaming
• Much experience with Facebook's developer platform and Graph API
• Experienced at programming social gaming aspects
• Extremely familiar with social gaming design

Actionscript 3.0
• Proficient at complex math, physics, and algorithm implementation
• Skillful in object-oriented programming design
• Adept at advanced BitmapData manipulation
• Very knowledgeable about graphical blitting techniques
• Collision detection
• 2D physics and physics engine implementation
• Very accustomed to processor / memory efficient practices
• Both eager and capable to quickly learn new concepts and languages

• Experience making ActionScript-to-JavaScript bridges and vice-verse
• Capable of creating versatile JavaScript functions

• Experience with database calls and table creation

Flash CS3/CS4
• Capable of creating eye-catching game assets
• Skillful at creating quality user-interfaces

Photoshop CS3/CS4
• Extremely knowledgeable in producing and manipulating images for 2D or 3D game asset creation
• Very experienced at working with layers and masks

Flash Developer, Fashion Designer Game, Work Contracted Project (Sample code attached to resume)
? Created a rendering system that pulls vector images from a server to create bitmaps at run time from for quick load times and rendering. Bitmap Data is recalculated and redrawn at specific intervals to maintain optimal resolution and fps. This system allows the company's artists to use extremely complex vector artwork as game assets while keeping a steady fps count.
? Designed system's that allowed the user to customize clothing, outfits, and rooms. Walls, floors, and lights in the room can be customized. Both data and raster images are created when the user saves configurations.
? Developed 3 games. The player avatar can be created and saved in the Avatar Maker. Then, it will load for the user in the Room/Clothing Editor.
? The user's clothing designs can be purchased from the client.
? Used external JavaScript code to make server calls.

Flash Programmer, Goodnoggin Game Library, Work Project
? Designed and coded a game-state management system based on the AS3 composite pattern.
? Developed a UI package that includes numerous components that makes creating a User Interface easy.

Flash Programmer, Cascade Power Patrol, Work Contracted Project
? Implemented Facebook (messaging, gifting, and leader-boards) and Mindjolt API
? Optimized asset loading
? Polished game play
Flash Developer, World's Manliest Rituals, Work Contracted Project
? Implemented Facebook and Mindjolt API
? Created level editor and main menu assets.
? Programmed game states, leader-boards, gifting, menus, HUDs, and mini-games
? Hugely helped optimize graphics and increase performance.
? Polished game play and collision in Box2d
Flash Programmer, Freshman Year, Work Contracted Project
? Implemented Facebook API
? Created Hidden-item game engine and an extensive quest system with 6 quest types.

Collins College, Tempe, AZ
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Game Design
? Recipient: Best Overall Presentation in C++ Programming with DirectX

University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
Attended Aug 2003-May 2006
? Completed all math courses required for a mathematics degree
? Formed a deeper understanding of Trigonometry and Linear Algebra while taking physics courses.
? Physics I, Physics II, Dynamics & Statics
? Completed Java I and Java II courses
? Completed full year of art major courses

Work Experience:
GoodNoggin LLC, Mesa, AZ
Game Programmer / Designer 7/10 – 12/11
• Gained experience meeting deadlines
• Designed outstanding game play elements for every project
• Wrote extensive game docs
• Worked directly with clients
• Numerous fairly large-scale projects
• Designed game library tools
Skills (2) Rating
Flash Design
3D Animation